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Coldest menthol aftershave?

Paa mentholated pre shave cube or ice cube (the black one seems stronger to me). Tip scrub your face with it. Put a hot towel on top, start crying under that towel and feel the menthol kick in.

Stirling glacials (wintergreen, black ice there are manny)
Barrister and man terror

tobs makes a no menthol peppermint which is pretty strong

there are several menthol or frost drops out there great to make a mentholated as or asb mo


Coldest I've ever used was B&M Arctique, Will has said that it literally killed flies in his shop while producing it. But it's out of production and not coming back since he hated making it.

Short of that CFG Cryogen is cold, but you can always buy frost drops from Stirling and add them to any mentholated product for an even colder freeze.


I'm a Lumberjack.
I tried Osage for the first time this morning!!! Oh such pleasure in the pain!!

Awesome stuff
Sometimes the first use of something like that is a killer but the second use is easier. There’s a strange tolerance to this stuff. Try it again and see.
I’d rate my favorites as follows first as standalone then as enhanced or bootlegs

- stirling soap glacial orange or lemon
- paa frostbite
- alcolada glacial
- Osage rub
-proraso green


- paa frostbite + proraso green
- proraso green + menthol crystals
- Limesec + proraso green + menthol crystals
Buy a container of witch hazel, add a few drops of your favorite essential (or scenting) oil, and toss in menthol crystals. - You need the oil to help dissolve them, as the alcohol content of witch hazel isn't high enough to do the job alone.

In hot weather, I use that following the rinse, and then slap on a menthol containing aftershave splash for a triple whammy of menthol, if I've also used Proraso Green or Stirling Margaritas in the Arctic soap. Stirling has a splash of the Margaritas in the Arctic, that's well mentholated, and they'll add more menthol if you want. (As well as other mentholated soaps & splashes).


B&B membership has its percs
It is time for these aftershaves here .. I have many of those mentioned, my favorites still are Alcolado, Osage Rub .. I have the Cryogen but use it once a month then back away
I've tried a few mentholated aftershaves and Osage Rub is still the coldest for me. Barbasol Brisk is pretty chilly also, although not quite as intense as Osage.
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