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Coldest menthol aftershave?

Ok so i’m a bit of a menthol junkie in the summer (and sometimes in the winter.) I’ve amassed a decent sampling of mentholated aftershaves but i’m wondering what my fellow B&B’ers consider to be the coldest, most over the top menthol aftershave currently on the market. My list of mentholated aftershaves is (in order of coldness) as follows:

Fine Lavender
Barbasol Brisk
Alt Innsbrook
B&M Terror
Osage Rub
Krampert’s Finest Frostbite
*** Cold Fusion

As always, I appreciate the responses!
Frostbite is up there.. I am not familiar with many of the Uber mentholated products. I bought a bag of menthol crystals from Amazon then you can mentholated what.you want. Uber mentholate Osage for those hot afternoons, or dial up your favorite aftershave. I also have a little dropper with vodka rammed with crystals, I find 5 drops is perfect to make a soap nice and chilly.

Best, JM
I have used frostbite, and it's cold but the coldest I have is arctique by barrister and Mann. It's discontinued now but it will give a menthol burn for about 30-45 minutes.
If you are a menthol addict, it's easy to add more kick by dissolving menthol crystals in your favorite AS. Just be careful. :)
I like Stirling's glacial aftershaves but I can enjoy even more menthol. So I also bought menthol crystals to put even more menthol in any aftershave and dial up the chill to my liking.
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