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Cold Weather Shaving

I noticed since it has gotten colder outside, I live in the Northeast, my face hasn't been breaking out after each shave.

Has anyone else experienced this?

And no I don't shave outside.
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Your skin's pores are tightening up in cold weather. When weather is hot, your pores dump out salty sweat all over your skin and help cause irritation over freshly scraped and abused skin.
I can't say I've noticed an improvement like that, but I do know this: One day I had a really awful shave, worst ever, just tore up my face and horrible razor burn. That was the first day this winter that the temperature was down to low 20s F, and when I walked outside to get in my car and go to work, I was SO thankful for cold winter weather...I can't say I've ever been thankful for it before. I didn't even turn the heat on in the car, I just enjoyed the cold air on my neck.
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