Coffee brew methods

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    You have an interesting relationship with your friends, @HelloCheeky. :001_rolle
  2. The best way to clean a percolator is with white vinegar and water. First wash with dish soap and hot water, rinse, then fill to the highest water level with one part vinegar and two parts water, plug it in and let it run through its full perk cycle. Empty water-vinegar mix, rinse, fill with cold water to max water level and run through full perk cycle again.
    My mother did this once a month with every percolator she owned as did everyone who owned a percolator before Joe DiMaggio introduced everyone to Mr. Coffee.
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    I must agree with you there.
    Took me a moment to read what was written and not what my mind was telling me was there.
  4. @martym In my younger days spoonerisms were a common form of humour in the pub, hence perky copulator for coffee percolator. Sider sophon is one I still use a lot instead of soda siphon.

    One of my favourites, if the moderators will permit, is the following joke.

    What is the difference between a knights charger and a brewery dray horse?
    A knights charger darts into the fray, and a brewery horse farts into the dray.

    I do not know how prim the language is here, but hopefully the joke will be enjoyed by all.
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  6. @HippieDave Thanks for that information. I am going to scribble that into the back of my old cookery book for future reference.
  7. Weekdays: Ninja coffee bar on a timer
    Weekends: French press
    Travel: Aeropress

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