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Coffee brew methods

All of the perky copulators that I have had, have eventually been given away to friends. Coffee percolators need regular cleaning if you don't want a manky tasting brew. Unfortunately they are not usually cleaner friendly.
Instant coffee and an easy to use and clean Ilsa Napoletana , Cuccamella for proper coffee are my methods these days.
The best way to clean a percolator is with white vinegar and water. First wash with dish soap and hot water, rinse, then fill to the highest water level with one part vinegar and two parts water, plug it in and let it run through its full perk cycle. Empty water-vinegar mix, rinse, fill with cold water to max water level and run through full perk cycle again.
My mother did this once a month with every percolator she owned as did everyone who owned a percolator before Joe DiMaggio introduced everyone to Mr. Coffee.
@martym In my younger days spoonerisms were a common form of humour in the pub, hence perky copulator for coffee percolator. Sider sophon is one I still use a lot instead of soda siphon.

One of my favourites, if the moderators will permit, is the following joke.

What is the difference between a knights charger and a brewery dray horse?
A knights charger darts into the fray, and a brewery horse farts into the dray.

I do not know how prim the language is here, but hopefully the joke will be enjoyed by all.
At home:

When I have the time and inclination: French press
When I am in a hurry: Keurig
When I am dead and buried: drip coffee maker or a Percolator.

Otherwise, whatever's available...
I'm usually in a tremendous hurry, so I use a multi functional drip Brewer. Let's just say they kill two birds with one stone, if you know what I mean.... hehe

But that's neither here nor there.
At work I use an Aeropress and a v60, with a Rhinowares hand grinder. At home I use my Rancilio Silvia espresso machine, and another v60 when the mood takes me. Grinder is a Rancilio Rocky - not bad, but insufficient for really good espresso much of the time.

It's the first thing I'd upgrade in truth, over and above any different brew method. A good grinder makes a HUGE difference, particularly to espresso and Aeropress. I aspire to a Lyn Weber HG-1 some day.

Which coffee brew methods do you use?

I use the french press, moka pot, and every once in a while the Pyrex percolator I got from my grandparents.
I primarily use the "pour over" method, using either my Hario V60 rig or my Chemex.
For espresso: use vintage (fully refurbished by myself) levers VAM/Caravel, SAMA Club (just sold), Bruni Brunella, Zerowatt ca708 and Faema Faemina.
Drip machine: Bonavita Drip 8 cup thermal but use a glass decanter.
Manual P.O.: Chemex, V60 glass, Clever dripper and Bonavita Porcelain.
Moka Pot a.k.a. stovetop espresso: Use varying S.S. sized moka pots.
Two shown above.


I am down to just a single 20oz tumbler of coffee in the morning. Being the only coffee drinker in the house I use the AeroPress.


Still only drinking a 20oz tumbler in the mornings but this week I switched back to my Mr. Coffee and setting the timer. I was 6-2 last week and this was more convenient. I have found that if I use 3 filters the water backs up and the coffee gets to steep. It makes for a pretty good cup of Joe.
We shall see how long this lasts before I return to the AeroPress or another brew method.
During the week its autodrip during the day. I've been looking to change that to a moka pot and a backpacking stove as I'm on the road most of the time. But, cleaning the thing in the field is yet to be figured out. When I get home it's a cup from the Moka Pot. When camping, it's either perculator, a french press, or moka pot. backpacking I use starbucks via instant packets. I do have a delonghi espresso machine but I hate the clean up so it gathers dust.

I have been looking into and toying with the ideas of a Phin and an Ibrik. Just haven't pulled the trigger yet. I don't have a decent grinder either so I am at the mercy of preground most of the time.
I have been looking into and toying with the ideas of a Phin and an Ibrik. Just haven't pulled the trigger yet. I don't have a decent grinder either so I am at the mercy of preground most of the time.
Same here. Been eyeing the Phin for a while now. Still haven't pulled the trigger.
Recently bought a 9 cup moka pot. I have the 3 cup, but due to its popularity on the weekends it just wasn't enough.
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My preferred method is french press. I have a couple old Bodum Bistro french presses. One is a backup in case I break this one. I've already broken one so I'm trying to be careful. I weigh my beans and grind them in a Baratza Virtuoso. I also weigh the water so the bean to water ratio is just right. When I don't have the time to make the french press I use an old Keurig. I'm the only one who drinks coffee so the single cup Keurig is perfect. And with the Bodum I make two cups using 20 grams of coffee to 300 grams of water. On occasion I'll use the Bialetti Moka Pot. I have a 6 cup version. I'm not crazy about how the coffee comes out using the Moka Pot but it's probably the coffee I'm using for that. I've been using Italian pre-ground espresso. Lately it's been relegated to Afogatto duty. I'm going to try some different coffee in it and see what happens. Lately I've been drinking just dark roast stuff but my next pound of coffee is going to be medium roast to see if I can get some more flavor out of it. We'll see.
Im using a breville oracle, for 2 dbl shot americanos and 1 dbl shot latte every day with lavazza golden oro beans.
Wife is using behmor brazen plus, with dunkin ground/drip. And since ups wont deliver my beans due to the hurricane until tomorrow, looks like drip tomorrow for me.