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Coffee brew methods

Primarily pour over.

I have two Corning stove-top percolators--a 6-cup and a 9-cup. I'll break out the 6-cup on Sundays, or when there's company.

I have two French presses. They see little service.
We have an auto drip that is both normal pot and k-cup (it sees the most action because of the kids on the week days), a percolator (mainly camping), and a French Press. I'm debating adding a Chemex to the rotation.


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My method is a little different: Go to Taco Bell and get a free coffee with a purchase.

This is for Senior Citizens. Then pour in one of their creams. Their creams are absolutely delicious.
Another percolator fan here, been perking for years and love the taste. I prefer it to all others.

I prefer a stove top percolator but use an electric one (probably 40 years old or more - as they never die) for convenience.

I've worked at offices that let me bring in my electric percolator and have used that for years. It always works even when the office coffee service does not.



Chemex pour over
French press on the weekends.

Last week, on vacation, a Mr Coffee, and a can of Folgers. Couldn't wait to get home.
Daily brew from an Aeropress, weekend lattes from a Sylvia, occasional brews from Hario or Kalita pourover setups, Espro press, Cafe Phin. I find the Aeropress (with a metal "S" filter) to be very easy to use, quick to clean up, and consistantly yummy.
Every morning begins with a mocha latte from my Breville Oracle. Best coffee machine I've ever owned. Also supplemented throughout the day with cold brewed coffee which is always in the refrigerator.


251ED63C-65EE-47E3-9675-B34B56F4DCB2.jpeg Farberware percolator from the 60’s every morning. I have several of these at various locations. I love the percolator taste and especially love the speed it makes coffee. It’s 10 minutes from plug in till the light comes on.

I use a stove top model when camping and cowboy coffee when backpacking.
I use a Kitchenaid Siphon Brewer, makes a very flavorful cup of coffee.

Been reading people have been making cold brew using their immersion circulators, I'm going to have to give that a try soon.
I use a large French Press(double size?) to make my own cold brew and we also have a Keurig that does the k cups for the wife. I only drink my cold brew that is made every day, year around.

I get my beans from a roaster in NM once a month(I’m in CO)

Have had my eyes on the Toddy Cold Brew system for a long time now, supposedly makes killer cold brew. But my system works so well and we love the results for years now....
A lot of love for the percolato around here. If mine wasn't packed away at the moment I'd use it.
Presto 12 cup stainless steel percolator. Got it 2 years ago at a flea market, new in box, never used for $8.00.
Hamilton Beach 12 cup stainless steel percolator, 1 year old, used twice. Got it at another flea market last year for $3.00.
And then there are all of these working Art Deco percolators I've picked up for $10 to $20 each over the last two years. coffee makers.jpg
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Found an old Hario that a customer gave me years ago as I was cleaning out the cupboards. Fired it up for the first time today with some tinned supermarket La Llave. Surprisingly smooth cup of coffee. Now I need to clean the darn thing. It would be great to impress the girl friend in the morning the first time she sleeps over.
All of the perky copulators that I have had, have eventually been given away to friends. Coffee percolators need regular cleaning if you don't want a manky tasting brew. Unfortunately they are not usually cleaner friendly.
Instant coffee and an easy to use and clean Ilsa Napoletana , Cuccamella for proper coffee are my methods these days.