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    Which coffee brew methods do you use?

    I use the french press, moka pot, and every once in a while the Pyrex percolator I got from my grandparents.
  1. With little kids who get up way earlier than their parents would like, most often it's the auto drip gets the nod.
    Also in the stable are a French Press, Chemex, moka pot, and 2 Vac pots. An Ibrink will be the next one.
  2. Press
    Moka pot (x4)
    Percolator (×4)
    Samovar perk (x2)
    Drip (auto drip)
    • Commercial Bunn (x 2)
    • Melitta
    Pour over
    • Beehouse (Melitta)
    • Hario v60
    • Chemex (every size in hand blown)
    • Bodum (2 types)
    • Melitta (2, 4, and 6)
    • Kona
    • Bodum
    • Pasquini
    • Francis Francis X-5
    More that I can't spell

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  3. I use a French press at work and drip at home. However, I plan to purchase an Aeropress within the next few days. I have heard a lot of good things about it.

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  4. Aeropress, a bodum caffetiere, a hario paperless pourover cone and a clever coffee dripper. Oh and a moka pot, but forget the brand.
  5. TexLaw

    TexLaw Contributor

    Most of the time, we use the DeLonghi automatic. It makes some mighty good coffee at the push of a button. If it's not that, then it's probably the French press.

    I've enjoyed the moka pot, but I don't see myself doing much with it except for a change of pace.

    I think we still have a drip maker around here, somewhere.
  6. Now that I have kids I've been thinking of buying an auto drip.
  7. V60 only
  8. ajkel64

    ajkel64 Moderator

    Moka pot x 3. After seeing Mick's post I was reluctant to add my slim pickings.
  9. I love my aero press. It lived up to my expectations.
  10. All of that is not in one place. We have 5 houses so the coffee making apparatus is spread around. Up here in the great white north I only have a Melitta #6 (pot and funnel), Zojirushi 1.8 liter thermal, Baratza maestro plus, and a Behmor roaster. I'm roughing it here as far as coffee goes :) I only have one razor and one brush too. It's a small cabin.

  11. French Press, Melitta Pour Over Cone, And that's pretty much all I use.
  12. I have a whole bunch of ways to make coffee, but have been doing a Chemex pour over in the morning, then Breville espresso and lattes during the day. I don't seem to use the French or Aero presses much any more. The autodrip coffee maker also gathers dust.
  13. Javapresse pour over and French press for days off, and Bonavita auto drip for the work day, to fill two travel mugs' worth of coffee.

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  14. Aeropress. I parked my french press when I got the Aeropress. it travels really well too.
  15. A lot of fanciness here :) I use a tried and true old (22yrs) percolator. Fill it with water, fill the basket with coffee, plug it in and coffee is on shortly. No filters, no Kcups, no pressing.
  16. As a recent Aeropress owner, this describes me perfectly.

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  17. @Shaving like a boss does it my way.
  18. I like my 9 cup stainless steel percolator for making my java. I get my beans from a local roaster/coffee shop occasionally, but am brewing Maxwell House dark roast at the moment.
  19. I like them all. :001_smile Though I have still not acquired a vacuum pot, moka pot, or Turkish ibrik.

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