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Have you ever cracked a coconut before..Any tips or tool other then a hammer.,
Yes, often. Use a cleaver’s or a large butcher knife’s heel and strike it into and piercing, at level to the circumference of the nut just below the top. You will first shave off the husk of such as a young thai coconut with a serrated or other sharp knife. Sawing motion works good there, and you’ll be angling from a couple inches down from the top toward the top.
Once you plant the heel of the cleaver into the shell give it a twist and the cap will pop off or open up enough you can then pry more to peel it right off. They will cleave in a straight line.
These pieces have been sanded and the bowl shortened by a good amount. The cap is as was and shows where you’ll strike at. Watch your hands in the shaving and the cleaving. There are also youtube videos if you want to see it done. I carve spoons out of the shell for removing the meat after, and as scoops for tea, coffee and dry goods.

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