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CoCOB - Devotees of C.O. Bigelow Shave Cream

Men, I have been obsessed with C.O. Bigelow by Proraso recently. I love everything about its slickness, scent, and latherability! I'm so obsessed that I want to welcome members into my cult. "The Cult of C.O. Bigelow" wants to open its doors to those who love this locally-purchased cream!

Thank you Proraso!

You are starting a cult. Laughing. I hope the LOTH does not know. I guess I could join even though I have not laathered it yet. Kirk
Will there be offices to hold, like "Grand Poobah", or "Accolyte" in the cult? In a bunch of cults, but I didn't get in on the ground floor soon enough to be in the inner circle. Got in on the "Last gasp" of Target getting rid of Proraso, and was there when Bigelow rolled it out. If there was say, a "Cardinal" or "Bishop" role.....
No offices in the Bigelow cult. Just a bunch of passionate Bigelow lovers who can't wait to lather it when it's shave time! <smile>
I think I qualify.


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What's not to love about C.O. Bigelow? It's moderately priced, available locally and creates great lather that has that nice menthol cooling effect!!!!!
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