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Coates Tub vs Tube

I feel like I had a conversation with Charles or someone that Coates in a tub is not as good as Coates in a tube for one reason or another.

Can anyone verify this?

Also, any opinions about the Tea Tree? That's the one I'm eyeing.


I've only used Coates in a tub, so I can't compare to the tube, but I've been enjoying the Coates Rose all week. I get a thick, rich lather that protects nicely (I'm one of those who favors comfort over closeness in my shaves), with just a faint hint of rose--not too flowery (read: effeminate). I also picked up a tub of the Tea Tree, but I haven't tried it out yet.

Mind, I don't do the "high velocity" method shaving that Charles advocates. I suspect that the Coates lather may be too thick for that.

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