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Coates Shaving Cream

Austin said:
Joe, Coates is probably one of the most underrated shave creams. Superior product along the lines of Trumpers & T&H. Stock up because supplies are usually spotty.

Hey Austin,

Do you think this is a good price?? Is it normally difficult to find??? I am going to order a few then.


Coates Tea Tree is one of my favorite creams. Definitely in the same league as the three T's. It's a decent price. Its been difficult to find up until a few months ago, when some of the European vendors started getting it again. I don't know of anywhere in the US that has it at the moment (crossing fingers).

Austin said:
Joe, that's an excellent price. That's about $10 off the normal price.

Hi Austin,

OUTSTANDING! I picked up my favorite scent (limes) and Sandalwood based on Randy's recommendation. I will give some feedback once I try them. I do have a question and not sure if anyone can give me an answer. How long can one keep these shaving creams before they expire or go bad if there is even such a thing?


I just purchased the Tea Tree and Sandalwood from Knox, and they arrived yesterday. Great creams, super consistency, fabulous prices, etc.

Knox has quick shipments and good customer support.

Grab em at these prices!

rtaylor61 said:
And what are you ordering? Looks like they are already out of tubes, which were on sale for quite some time. They also have Col. Conk!



Well, can't do it from the work computer, but might be able to do it when I get home this morning.

But, I want to get some Sandalwood, I got a sample from Austin, actually 4 samples from Austin. AOS, Coates, Vulfix and T & H, all of Sandalwood.

And unfortunatley, I like them ALL!!

I've got plenty of Conk though.
Cliff said:
You can get a better price on the Coates INFERIOR Lime.



Forgive me for being ignorant but is your posting supposed to be tongue in cheek?? Could I have gotten their limes scent cheaper somplace else? If so please advise.


Most definately tongue-in-cheek.

I always get a 'kick' out of companies that market products with wording like "Superior" or "Best in Class". Makes me wonder if there is a company out there that advertises; "We're second in class, but we're cheaper."

Just me a and my wacko sense of humor.

Hello all,

Coates creams are one of my favorites. I like all that I have tried...the Lime, Tea Tree and Rose. They all produce a rich luxurious lather for me. The Tea Tree is truly a unique scent and especially good for those mornings your face feels a little beat up.:w00t: The Lime and Rose are good anytime!:001_smile

The normal price was $28, now at $19.60 at knoxcigar.com. I just ordered some for my inventory. By the way, they have free shipping for $100 minimum order...just the kind of excuse we all need to buy more creams!:thumbup1:

Their retail store is acually in my town, but I ordered my Coates from the website.

I've never tried their Sandalwood, but when I find some I probably will try it since I never found another Sandalwood I liked, as some others mentioned in this thread.

Happy Shaving,

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