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CMP 1911 auction.

The more I read on the CMP 1911 forum the more I like B&B. We all get along here and respect the rules and if you don't ... we generally take care of that.
Agreed. But I think here, it isn't just about respecting the rules, it's about knowing and respecting each other, as members and as moderators. Everyone here, knows and respects you, apart from the rules. So if/when you admonish us because we have skirted/violated the rules, it helps us with reasoning the phrase, "sometimes I'm the pidgeon, sometimes I'm the statue."

By it's very nature, even moderators here, can view "the rules" thru their own colored lenses of "their own perspectives." Especially, if they are not apart of this sub forum, or have "differing views" on firearms.

trust me, I have experience with a couple. :) But with you, since you are not only a moderator, but also a fellow member who posts and takes personal interest in this sub forum and in the members of this sub forum, even if I disagreed with you about "what I did or didn't do" it would still be my absolute joy and honor, knowing "it was you" passing down my judgement/punishment, compared to some others.

Why? because they, possibly, will not just judge me by the rules, but also by their preconceived perceptions or attitudes towards firearms. If i am judged/punished by you, I know, it is not only by someone who i consider a friend, but also by someone "we all know" is friendly to our perspectives and opinions in firearms.

I can confidently pretty much know, if you say I am guilty, it's because I am guilty. :)
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