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Many love it, some not so much. For the price, I'd just get a bottle and see for myself.

Different people smell the same thing - very differently, so anyone's advice about a scent is as useless as the next guy's.


It's one of my favorite of the liquor line they've released. It's almost identical to Cognac Neat, but Whiskey Woods has a bit more depth IMO. Very mossy and woody with a sour mash kind of kick to it. I've sniffed all the Clubman Reserve and the two that really do it for me are this and Gent's Gin. Maybe it's just the alliterative names.
Out of the booze Reserve line my favorite is Brandy Spice (but the only others I have are Whiskey Woods and Tequila Tease). Of the regular line I love Citrus Musk (more of a cologne, I know).
Whiskey Woods is a great pinaud scent and is my favorite. The scent description on the label is on point. “The Whiskey Woods scent combines Tobacco Leaf and Bergamot with Whiskey and Woods to finish each shave on a smooth smoky note.”
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