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Tried Clubman today for the first time. Or what I thought was the first time. Soon as I got a whiff of it I realized it was the same stuff my old barber used. Believe he used Clubman styling gel too. I know they say sent it the strongest sense tied to memory, but it is funny how things can take you back...
I had the same sensation when I picked up my first bottle of Clubman. I hadn't been to that barber shop in 40+ years but immediately knew exactly where I had smelled that A/S before.

The Clubman styling gel doesn't smell anything like the A/S. To my nose, it's more in the spice family.
Had the exact same reaction. Instantly took me back 20 years to the old barbershop I went to as a kid.
I just got a haircut a few days ago. As I got out of the chair, I could smell Clubman. It took me back for a second since I had not used Clubman that morning and my barber did not use any aftershave. Then it hit me that he uses Clubman Talc.
I found a Clubman glass bottle that arrived Friday. I broke out my new puck of Stirling Clubman shave soap and had a great start to the Holiday week!

I just bought myself the 12oz bottle from Sally's last night, and decanted it into a vintage bottle this morning. I love the scent, and it reminds me of my grandfather who always used either clubman or old spice.
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