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Clubman Talc...and a shave brush

After years of not using it (going back to maybe my early 20's), I'm thinking about picking up some Clubman Talc, especially for summer's heat and humidity.

I've been to a few barbers who would apply it directly to a brush and then sweep the neck, vs. directly applying it to the neck, and I really like that method.

I'm thinking my Yaqi 26mm synth fan knot would be perfect for doing this. Of course I'd buy a new one just for talc.

Does anyone else do this?
Yes, it will work. I re-purposed a big boar brush for this. It was too floppy for shaving, but works well with talc.

Sally stores sell a duster that dispenses powder with a button on the handle:


You can also use a wide paintbrush.