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Clubman owners/lovers - how many varieties are in your den right now?

Very first aftershave splash I purchased and the only Clubman I have is the original. First time I used it I thought it was too musky/old fashioned for me but the more I use it the more I enjoy it. Other varities will no doubt be tested down the line.
Oh yeah. I forgot one. I used to have The Veg. Let's just say I wasn't chosen. One day I put some on before we were going out to dinner or somewhere I can't remember. We were all upstairs getting ready and my den is in the guest bedroom. I splashed some of The Veg on and then went downstairs to do something. All of a sudden I hear the wife ask "Why does it smell like pee in here? Did the dog pee in here?" My son, who knows about The Veg, said to her "No, it's Dad." Her response, "Dad pee'd in here?!?!" He said, "No it's aftershave." By now I had run upstairs to see what all the commotion was about. She came up to me and sniffed and said "You can't go out like that." That's all I needed. Never wore it again. Don't know what I did with it. True story though.
Awesome story!
I have Clubman Whisky Woods and GentsGin. Both are very good but WhiskyWoods to me is more special. Both are acquired through my brother coming back from the UK. I tried but failed many times to get Clubman aftershaves send to my place due to flight restrictions. Just yesterday got my order cancelled and refunded with IB due to shipping problems. So....these 2 Clubman aftershaves are my precious nectar....to be used sparingly...hahahahaha
I have 3 currently, Whiskey Woods, Special Reserve and Clubman, ranked in that order.

Tried Musk, didn't like it too sweet. Virgin island bay rum, great scent but doesn’t last. Lime sec nice scent, I might reorder this one or try citrus musk when I have more room.
Citrus Musk
Special Reserve
Bay Rum
Lilac Vegetol
Osage Rub
Lustray Blue Spice
Lustray Bay Rum
Lustray Draggon Noir

The ones that reminds me of the barbershop the most are Clubman and (Lustray) Blue Spice.

My favorite is Vanilla.

Didn't like very much. Special Reserve, Draggon Noir, Virgin Island Bay Rum. (The lustray Bay Rum is better to me but I prefer Stephan's)

Didn't like at all. The Veg.
Full bottles of Clubman, Gent’s Gin, and Osage Rub. Small bottles of the entire collection. I use those as my Dopp kit (travel) aftershave.

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I think I have Clubman, Special Reserve, and Lilac Veg right now. I got rid of bottles of Musk and Vanilla when I was cleaning out the bathroom. I have quinine and Portugal hair tonic too. Somewhere I have a bottle of the newish Whiskey Woods that my barber gave me--I should look for that.


I've told that story before on this forum so was hesitatant at first but it makes me laugh when I think about it and figured there must be someone who hasn't heard it before. Glad to entertain.
I've heard it before, but like the Veg, it doesn't lose its potency.