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Clubman Hair Spray

I ordered a bottle of this just to try last time I ordered from Appleton Barber Supply and it's the best hair spray I've ever used. Now I'm almost out. I have never seen this in a store, any ideas what store I might buy it at? I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Not sure you will find this in a store...looks like there are several places to buy online though. I will definitely give this a shot! Does it smell just like the aftershave?
It smells pretty much like the aftershave. Today I decided to try something different; I went to WalMart and found an inexpensive bottle of pump hair spray that had a very mild scent, and added a few drops of Clubman aftershave. It smells very similar to the Clubman hair spray now. However, the spray on the clubman hair spray puts out the perfect amount, and this new bottle shoots out like a shotgun.
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