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Clubman Facial Hair Products

I bought these both approximately 3 years ago when i last went with a full handlebar moustache.

I’ve been doing the ‘stache again now, and it’s around 6 weeks old now. Not the perfect handlebar yet, but it does have a nice small twirl around the edges so i want to use a bit of wax now.

So my questions are these :

1. Can i still use these products, even though they are 3 years old? Or would they have gone bad?

2. Your take on these products. Any good? Any better recommendations?

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all these products they have normally 12 months shelf life, after this period of time, I cannot guarantee a successful experience ( I don't know the product composition) but they can smell bad, and the holding properties could have gone, for the price I kindly recommend to purchase them again or find another brand that could satisfy your needs, we are a manufacturer of natural beard care products, so I can answer from my own experience.

The Nid Hog

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I had a tube of Clubman mustache wax for ages--at least a couple of years. I used it once in a while and it seemed to hold up OK.

Rusty Blade

I have used the Clubman moustache wax and while it did hold well, I didn't care for the scent. It was too overpowering for me. There are many other moustache waxes out there that are unscented or mildly scented. I can recommend Badger and Lucky Tiger as two that work really well for me. YMMV.


I didnt care much for the wax when I have had my handlebars... It takes too long to set, for starters, so I prefer good old bees wax based stuff. Its smells strong, as mentioned, too. Not for everyone.