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Clubman 2020 - pls explain it to me

Brut and Clubman are traditional fougeres, along with Canoe and things like Trumper Wild Fern. They are absolutely similar, but certainly not identical.
One fragrance that kind of ties into both Brut and Clubman is Sartorial from Penhaligon’s. I can always use clubman aftershave and use sartorial as my fragrance. They blend very well together. The first time ever smell Penhaligon Sartorial it reminded me of Brut. I can understand some of the similarities but to me they do smell different.
My wife insists that Clubman IS Brut. my Recollection of Brut back in the 70’s is pretty darn close to Clubman. i smelled Brut recently in a store and it’s a little different.
Well, I learned smth. from this thread....smth. very interesting indeed. I learned that in some corners of the world (or corners of the internet), people use smth. as an abbreviation for something. Who knew?!
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