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*****CLOSED**** Win a razor from Above The Tie, Click Here! ****CLOSED*****


Needs milk and a bidet!
Make sure you get in on this everybody!

Big thanks to Above The Tie for this giveaway!
I'd love to have an open comb set, with the Kronos handle!

I'm entered, thanks to all for this great opportunity!

Please note this member sent me this message (coyotewhisper Steward)

I am having internet problems and I have apparently inadvertently entered or tried to enter more than once. (screen kept locking up) It was not on purpose. Does that disqualify me?
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Some soldier somewhere will be happy if I win this, it will go into an immediate Active Duty PIF.
This is an AMAZING giveaway. I am going to sit it out, because I have found my perfect shave ATT, but good luck to everybody!

Serious kudos, Stan.
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