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I've used the Texas Beard Co. A few times now. It has a peppermint scent, doesn't last long, half hour or so but is nice while it lasts and sometimes it's nice to have something that stick around. Performance is good, seems like it may be slightly lacking compared to the Capt Fawcett's or my WSP. But it could just be change in weather or something like that, beard just seems a little more thirsty. I'm not doing any accurate measuring so it's hard to say for sure. Still much better than not not using an oil.


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Im in. One day my wife said you should grow out your beard and I said ok so here I am a little over a month later and still going it she even picked me up some beard oil from a local sundries place close to where we work. I usually apply about 4 drops a day onto my beard by rubbing it in with my hands. Trying some other scents and oils would be a nice. Thank you very much Jason for holding this pif!

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I'm in....

Due to modern razors and the irritation I have done the scruff looks for many years. Knowing I would be going the route of SR I decided to go "baby face" as it's been many moons (10+ years)... wife and almost 3 year old said "no" (and myself). From there my wife asked why I don't grow a beard. A good question and no good reason as I have wanted too.
I am about two weeks in and don't plan to shave it or trim for awhile. As I have never had a true beard this would give me a chance to try an oil. Currently I use shampoo and conditioner but as I have course hair I will need to soften it up and keep it maintained somehow as I work at a bank. Otherwise I have the men's Artistry line but that is more skin care.
Awesome PIF! I'm a beard man and have been for over half my life now. Fortunately, my wife is of the opinion that I'd better never shave it off. I have a type of dermatitis that gives me trouble with it, but I can't stand my face without hair, so I just treat it as best I can and go on.

I love Badass Beard's Pirate oil and balm. Their Hog Wash beard wash is really good as well. I also like White Spade Beard Co.'s stuff. My beard is thick and really coarse. Cutting it is not something a set of clippers likes. It's an odd-ball Irishman's beard, with 4 (ok 5 now) distinct colors - black, brown, blonde, red and WHITE. I'd always kept it no longer than a #3 guard (unless too busy to trim) until fairly recently when I started going more of a duckbill style. I'm loving having a longer beard and my wife loves the fact that it isn't prickly.

You guys don't necessarily want to see it, but I'm posting a pic of my ugly mug so you can print it for use as a scarecrow.
A few quick thoughts on the ones I've tried.

Texas Beard Co.
Has a nice minty scent. Preforms well. The scent doesn't stick around long, this could be a plus or minus depending what you're looking for.

DR K Beard Tonic
Also minty and preforms well, but the scent is more complex. I like it at first, then it has almost a Play-Doh scent (to my nose anyway) it's not bad, I've tried it 3 times I always get Play-Doh. It doesn't last long though. Maybe 5 min if nice minty, then 5-10 of Play-Doh, then nothing.

This one is different, more of a milky balm than an oil. I think this one is meant for shorter stubble beards. It didn't work well for me at all. I think my beard was dryer and more out of control than using nothing at all. It does have a decent sandalwood scent that lasted several hours though.


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Ahh poo! I'm packing up everything cause I'm moving so I'm going to delay the winner selection.

In about 2 weeks I'll pick 2 winners! or 3 if we've got enough signed up!
I'm in.

I've been looking at trying beard oils for a while just never pulled the trigger. I've been growing some sort of facial hair for about 5 years and occasionally off and on before. The only oil I use is jojoba and an Amish beard wax for when the hair gets out of control. Last year I went goat when my beard was about the length of my neck. In November I shaved that off and went back to full beard. I usually just use soap to wash it and conditioner about once a week until it gets longer, then I will use a dandruff shampoo to help keep the skin from going to dry. Seems to work out.
[MENTION=114306]somdfisher[/MENTION] Nice goat! :thumbup1:

And a bump for anyone else wanting to get in on this.
Well here is my beard history.
It started with me beeing lazy due to not wanting razorburns and I saved my first beard, it was scraggly and unkempt. The first beard was a failure due to no maintenance and bad habits.
The years after just a short beard or stubble, it varied alot. A year ago I saved a beard for a couple of months and was quite pleased with it and got both positive and negative comments about it. As it got longer and more unruly I was gonna even it out a bit and slipt with my trimmer. Of course it was on the cheek. I got so angry and off with it all, instant regret. I looked like I was 10 year old.... My ability to do manly things diminished with rougly 40% and i benched much lesd (almost true story).
Starting once again from zero and it's now maybe a couple months old and I trim it at a barber roughly every 6 weeks. I also saved a handlebar moustache ;)
Products that I use for cleaning the beard is a beard shampoo and beard balsam (Beard Club). They are okay but nothing special, use them 2-3 times a week. I use beard oil 1-2 times a day, depends on the weather and showering. I habe tried local brands, the bear family, the bearded man. I prefer the bear family brand so far.
Signed up on this forum to learn more about DE razor for headshaving and have now started with that aswell.

Hopefully this isn't too long and I apologize for spelling errors, bad grammar and android formating,
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