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(CLOSED) PIF!! U.S. & Canadian Labor/Labour Day

UPDATE: Good news and bad news.

I have to inform you that Popov has gained A LOT of attention as of late (which is great). In turn, this affects their production turnover, as they are fabricating on a "made to order" basis. Currently they are on a 1-2 week schedule. Thus (now the bad news), I posted this PIF, in haste, while not accounting for this, as well as time to ship. So I will not be receiving this until late next week.

Now the good news... I am extending this PIF until 12 AM (PST) Saturday, September 9th.

The same rules apply.

Good Morning!

Labor Day weekend is upon us. I'm hoping you've all got some decent plans lined up for yourselves. I look forward to this holiday year after year. For me, it's the "last hurrah" to fulfilling a Summer well spent. It's also (obviously but often overlooked) a nod toward the contributors - backbone, if you will - of our nations; the workers. So, enjoy your holiday, those who deserve it!

But I digress...

I've given this some thought. What are the hot topics of The Haberdashery? What are some common interests of our regular users and of our newcomers? How do people contribute here, in their own way? Some forum users post their acquisitions, potentially bringing something new to the table. Some post solid reviews that encourage others in their decision making. It could as simple as someone seeking advice and in return they have aided others by simply asking the question. Maybe you are one who is always willing to find an answer just to help out your fellow man. This is a very resourceful forum. Each post is a contribution. Contributions have their rewards. So, all that said, this post is...

Open only to all active CONUS/Canadian forum members (not just The Hab) in the entirety of Badger & Blade.

The only rules:

1: You must have been an active member of Badger & Blade prior to the posting of this PIF thread.

2: If you want a chance to win, say "I'm in".

That's it. Close date for this PIF will be ended at 12AM Pacific Standard Time on Labor/Labour Day - Monday, September 4, 2017. The winner will be announced later that evening. Arrangements for shipment will be made with the winner on that or the following day of announcing.

So, what the heck is it?

Well, it's a brand new wallet. A Popov front carry card wallet, to be exact. Handcrafted in Canada. Made using Horween Derby leather with hand sewn Tiger Thread saddle stitching. Comes with a lifetime guarantee from the maker of this fine wallet. This particular piece comes with an "English Tan" finish and cream threading, as shown in the photos. Please note: The pictures are from the Popov website, so the actual wallet's appearance will be slightly different, however similar.

leather-card-holder-english-tan-leather-card-holder-1_1200x.jpg leather-card-holder-english-tan-leather-card-holder-3_600x.jpg leather-card-holder-english-tan-leather-card-holder-4_600x.jpg

Good luck!
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I'm not sure if I understand the rules. Does someone have to have a contributors badge to enter?
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I'm not sure if I understand the rules. Does someone have to have a contributors badge to enter?
No. All you have to do is be an active member of B&B. Contributions take many shapes and forms. I hope this is more clear.

Edit: I've updated the rules to clarify.
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I'm in thank you. I plan to not work this year on labor day. I have in the past labored on labor day. I must have misunderstood the whole point. Now I enjoy paid holidays. And I need a wallet.
That looks like an awesome, high-quality wallet! I'm in!

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