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Closed comb = turkey neck

Whenever I use a closed comb DE I get irritation around my mid neck area.

The hair grows in a a whorl tightly to the skin so it is a sensitive area. I can use open combs with little to no problem.

Whenever I scratch the itch to use a CC I get tugging, weepers and redness. Exactly the same ritual as for the OC (which doesn’t give me any issues) and same pattern - WTG only in a little sickle shape I have to shave that patch.

Gutted as I used a tech today and it was a great shave everywhere except for this area.

Any ideas why and suggestions of a remedy?
I'm speculating that the added edge exposure of the OC lets those razors get down closer in that whorl. I've not heard of that particular problem, but that's not surprising as I don't have it so wouldn't have been looking for a solution. Since you do, you are looking.

Sounds like Option 1 is "use an OC razor." It works and it appears you like them.

Option 2 might be "do a 'daily double'" and shave what you can with any razor, but keep a good OC loaded and ready to use on that one spot that's giving you fits.

Beyond that I don't have much to suggest, except for perhaps going to a sharper blade in your SB razors. I hear good things about "mild razor/aggressive blade" now and then.

Well...I sort of do have that problem, but on one side of my head. Several things seem to keep that spot a bit calmer: using the Rex Konsul (or likely any quality adjustable) so I can have some control over the gap; using cool water; and using a fairly uncomplicated soap. Instead of the 2-pass WTG/ATG I would normally do with a nonadjustable razor, I have hit on doing three passes WTG/ATG/ATG with my gaps set at 6.5/2/4. That takes off as much low-hanging fruit as possible first, then just the tops of what's left, and then finally gets the "stumps." It works for me, anyway.

I don’t have that problem, so take this with at least a grain of salt. To me it looks like you are an OC guy!
Thanks gents.

I’m going to go with option 1. Maybe it’s because the hairs grow almost parallel to my skin so the SB works against me.

I used to get ok shaves with a progress on the most aggressive settings, but never as smooth as an oc.

I will sell my two techs. Feathers and nacets didn’t help in them.
Same here. I still use, and prefer a safety bar. I stretch my neck with my off hand and do a 3-pass, which hits my whiskers from three directions. If I don't get BBS around my Adam's apple, I call it off, and live with it.
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