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CLOSED.B&B Glencairn Whisky Glasses, do you want one?

You may have seen a few of us discuss the Glencairn Whisky glass and how much we enjoy them. Now, here's your chance to get one custom etched with the B&B badger logo!

This is the authentic lead free crystal whisky glass from The Glencairn Crystal Co., East Kilbride, Scotland. This is a great glass for tasting, and some here consider it the finest for nosing fine whisky and bourbon.

Here is the artist (my) rendition of what it will look like. Note that it is etched in lead free crystal and not painted. The logo and text may be altered slightly to ensure everything is clear and legible.


Pricing will depend on quantity ordered, so we'd like to get a rough estimate with this thread and poll. Based on a guess, we think the costs will look something like this.

$13.75 per glass
$10 S&H for two glasses

So if you ordered two glasses, your total would be $37.50. Now, if you order more glasses, the S&H per glass will most likely be reduced. If you order one glass, the S&H per glass goes up. Also, if we end up ordering more than we expect, the price per glass will go down slightly. Same thing in reverse. It won't change much, maybe a dollar either way.

A percentage of the price is going to B&B to help defray the server and software costs and helps keep this site ad free.

As a thank you to our contributors, their price will be reduced by $1.25 per glass, or about $12.50 give or take a little.

This thread is to get an estimate on quantity. Please vote so we can get a firm price. This is non-binding, but please don't say you want one and then back out. It will cause the cost of everyones glasses to increase. This thread/poll is NOT the official ordering thread. Details will be released after firm prices are established.

This buy is open to international members! Shipping rates will be established later.
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Awesome glasses, it would be nice to have some B&B ones to add to the ones I already have. You can never have too many of these!

These are the glasses we give out at the Victoria Whisky Festival, but of course without the snazzy badger logo.
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