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Clearsil in the Shave den...

maybe I'm the only idiot who does this...but when I go more than two days without shaving for multiple times in a row say I shave 3 times in 9 days...then my face will let me know it hates me by breaking out with a few shiners here and there...with my restaurant schedule as it is, It's hard for me to shave everyday, even though I'd love to...so I have experimented over the last three weeks with a method of acne prevention and shiner control...when I mix my lather, I include a centimeter length strip of clearsil vanishing spot treatment cream in with my lather...you can't smell it at all, it just disappears in the mix and it has remarkably cut down the final stage of pimple growth (the stage where they are 'popable' [whiteheads I believe])...just a little trick that I thunk up, maybe someone else has tried this? or I am the pioneer...*duh duh duhhhhhhh*

either way, felt like sharing my findings with the community...


Have you noticed any adverse effects during the shave (lather too dry, face ends up drying out, irritation), or has it basically been the same shave quality with less acne?
After three weeks of doing this I can say I have noticed no negative side effects to doing this...just less whiteheads
I don't have issues such as these. Pimples are more rare than the blue moon. Although, if it doesn't affect your lather and is helping your skin I say keep it up!
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