Clear Shave Gels for Beards?

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    Do you use a clear shave gel for lining up your beards with a straiggt razor or shavette? Which ones do you recommend? Thanks.
  1. I typically do this post shower after I've shaved my head so the area I line up (basically just my upper cheeks) only needs a little water to be smooth enough for a touch up. Cremo is pretty clear but it's also a pain to rinse off. Shave secret oil may be a good way to go and is very cheap. I've also heard of people using baby oil or cocnut oil. You aren't talking about a full mulitple pass shave so you don't need a luxurious lather, you just need something quick, slick, and clear.
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    I make lather with my brush. What else am I going to do with a million pucks of soap and pots of cream?
  3. I have a circle beard so have a bit more to shave. I use a fairly thin faced lather so I can see my edges well.
  4. I dont. I simply go off of my jawline and just line it up from there. I dont lay the lather on super thick though.

  5. I saw this not long ago. Might be worth investigating.
  6. Thanks for the info. All my shaves...head & face(before I grew the beard), are one pass WTG then a touch up.
  7. LOL.
  8. I'm going to order a bottle of Hey Joe! shaving gel from Maggards. They sell quality stuff, so I'm assuming that this is good too.

  9. Never heard of the product but I agree that maggard is always the way to go. Don't forget about the ez blade gel, that stuff is commonly used by barbers doing very detailed line work.
  10. Bulldog makes a clear gel that I use. You can find it in most big box stores or on line.
  11. To answer your question; Corn Husker's Lotion (found in any drug store) is clear and works very well. Proraso pre/post cream also works but can leave a slight white film. But, I would invest in a clear beard edge grooming guide to help avoid screw ups.
  12. Trader Joe's sells a product called Formula No 3 shampoo, conditioner and body wash. it is one of the slickest products I have ever found. It has a lot of residual slickness, so when I shower with it, it leaves my face slick, making it a great pre-shave. However, it can also be used as a clear shave gel.
  13. I tried Proraso's version today: Sul Filo del Rasoio. It worked well. Plenty of slickness.

  14. The Hey Joe! gel arrived.

  15. i asked the barber what kind of gel they used to line up my beard, it's the elegance clear shaving gel.


    works great.
  16. Thanks.
  17. I use the ez blade gel and shavette to line up with when I have a beard and it's been great. Smells good too.
  18. King of Shaves Sensitive Shave Gel is very good for this, also Kiehl's Precision Shave Lotion.
  19. no problem.

    The only thing that sucks is that i've been keeping a full beard with a #2 guard on the clipper. Which means i only shave the upper cheek and neck area. And that leaves my many soaps and high end shaving creams unused, along with 95 percent of my razors. Since i use a feather shavette.

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