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Cleaning your brush

I've seen a number of differnet posts on cleaning your shaving brush but thought I'd pass along something I tried the other day that seems to have worked very well. I wanted to clean my AOS and SR brushes just to see if there would be any difference in using them (they are only about 6 to 8 weeks old) and decided to try some of the cosmetic brush cleaner from MAC cosmetics that my wife uses on her makeup brushes. I thought that if it worked for her high quality brushes then it might work well on my badger brushes as well. At any rate I couldn't believe it. I put some of the cleaner in my Moss shuttle and started swirling around my AOS brush and all of a sudden it was like there was soap pouring out of the brush. The experience was repeated with my SR brush and afterwards I have to say both of them really felt much cleaner and "lighter" if that makes sense. Sort of like the bristles had been weighted down with left over cream before and now they were totally clean.

I'm not sure if anyone has feedback but it seems like this should be a pretty gentle way to clean a shaving brush and for the moment it sure seems to work well from my perspective!
I should have thought to mention that DJ, sorry about that! The SR went to my wife and she is using it for her legs so I can't comment on that one :lol: However it does seem like the AOS was holding a bit more water and was just a touch softer. Very subtle changes however so I wouldn't expect to see a big difference if you give this a try. The one thing that I did notice was that both brushes had held a bit of a shave cream scent, in other words before I cleaned them it seemed like they had kept a bit of the cream in the brush and there was a scent associated with that. However after cleaning they were both lacking any sent at all so that was another reason I felt they were cleaner. By the way I do work pretty hard at rinsing out my brushes after each day's use.

I'll be giving this a try on my new Simpsons Chubby 2 in another 3 weeks or so and maybe that will give me more feedback to pass along.
Brushes can get clogged up, no matter how well you rinse them after use.
I am surprised that some company does not make a cleaning product for shaving brushes.
Good tip, of to Mac i go.
Classic Shaving sells a cleaning product specifically for shaving brushes:

I am using it right now to clean a Shavemac 22558 in finest badger. I noticed that it started having water bead up on it (I suspect the shave cram with lanolin as being the last straw for it). So far, looks like it has done the trick of restoring the hair.

Most other posts about cleaning shaving brushes refer to a borax solution to clear out the soap/cream residue.
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