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Cleaning my DE

I'm new to B&B and am looking for a way to clean my Merkur Futur. I've read different methods (Borax, Vinegar) to clean a brush but nothing on cleaning a razor. Is some kind of a soak that will remove the caked on shaving soap residue that collects on the razor?
Tony, welcome to B&B. You can clean your razor with a toothbrush and dawn dishwashing soap. Works well for me.
maybe this could be a "sticky" where more seasoned members can post their cleaning techniques for new & old DE's. i know this would help a new guy like me!

Along the same lines...

I clean my razor on a weekly basis using Andrew's method of toothbrush and dish soap. I find, however, that after 2 shaves, there is a residue on the head of the razor that can cause it to grab a little while shaving.

Are there any cleaning products, polishes, or waxes that anyone has found great success with?
Looks like I'm bringing up an old (and perhaps dead) thread here, but I was wondering if anybody else has two cents that they would care to add - or is this pretty much the only way of cleaning a DE and doing a reasonable job?

Yes, I will continue to ask questions. I am one of those people who wants to do everything as correct as possible, and since there is a a lot of knowledge here on B&B, well, I can make damned sure that I am very correct (by learning from your experiences and mistakes). Also, I figure that if I am wondering about something, then somebody else is too (they may be another newbie or perhaps a lurker, but most times more than one person is interested in the answer to a particular question).
I guess the only other thing I could think of is throw in a coat of Turtle Wax. Should help keep soap buildup to a minimum, but I really don't see a need for the extra step.


The build-up I get on my DE - Vision 2000 Satin finish - is that of Limescale due to the "hardness" of our local tap water.

I use an Italian product, a limescale remover called "Viakal" - basically it removes limescale build-up from bathrooms, sinks and the likes.

I let it soak for a few minutes in a bit of Viakal and then rinse it off in warm water....I touch up any remnants with an old toothbrush and some liquid soap.

I've done it several times and it always ends up as good as new.

Hope this helps.

My simplest answer is; about every 2 weeks I boil a cup of water and add a few Tablespoons of white vinegar, chuck the razors in and let boil for about 5-10 minutes, run them under cold water, dry them, then appreciate how shiny they look!
Boil some water & pour it over the razor in a tall plastic cup (placed in a sink), add one scoop of Oxy-Clean & go read the paper. When the water is cooled to just warm, rinse the razor under the tap for a min or 2.....look at your reflection on the razor.
I wash my razor after each use and then clean/dry it with a towel. I also disassemble and clean the Merkur Vision after each use. All my razors look brand new.
I disassemble my Merkur Slant once a week and clean it with 99% isopropyl alcohol. It's a mild - but very effective - solvent that leaves the razor mirror clean and I know it can do no harm.

--Mike Bradley
OK gents, here it is, the best way to clean your precious DE's, and all you need is water. Go out and buy yourself Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (4 pack was approximately $2.50 at Wal-Mart), soak the sponge with water and erase all the soap scum right off of your razor. Now let me say this, the eraser (sponge) is large but pliable. I actually had to work the sponge into some of the small crevices of my Futur. I have to say that after a year and a half of not cleaning my razor and the Eraser made it look like a brand new razor. No kidding and it only took me about 2 minutes to clean the whole razor. There does not appear to be any damage to the razor, no discolorations, etc. This appears to be the real deal. I know that I will not go without this product ever again. According to the manufacture, the eraser is safe to use on refrigerators, stoves, appliances, walls, baseboards, tile floors, shower and tubs, sinks, ceramic tiel, plastic patio furniture, children's play sets, alloy car wheels (do not use on vehicle body), windshields-car glass, faucets, leather athletic shoes and much more. So just tell your significant others that you need one of these bad boys to do some "house cleaning" and she'll never know that it is another "useless shaving item". You can thank me later.
I haven't tried it yet, but I thought about putting mine in the dishwasher. It sanitizes everything. Anyone tried it? Or maybe its not a good idea to mix dishes you eat off with something you shave with.

Not so sure if it would work or not. I'm sure the razor could probably handle the heat, not sure about plastic handles though. The question would probably be how "caked" on the soap scum is on your razor. If it is not too bad, I imagine the dishwasher may be just fine, but if you have really caked on soap scum, I really sugest the Mr. Clean Erasers.

If you decide to try out the dishwasher, be sure to post how things turned out.
I have some of those magic erasers lying around that my mom gave me. I've yet to use them though. She said they were good, but I never knew they were that good. I'll have to dig them out and give 'em a shot.
Do you all oil your Futurs as well? I am not sure if the Futur needs oil the way the Gillette barndoors do. Maybe a few drops of baby oil in the slit dividing the head and handle...what do yall think?
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