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Cleaning a DE razor question

Hey gents,
So I acquired a nice old Rocket but the barn doors were foggy. Tried to clean it with Barkeepers friend and now they're spotty(?) like with maybe little rust or something else spots. Anyone have any tips? I'd love to shave with it if I could figure out how to clean it better. It's a 54A British Rocket.
Soak it in some hot water and dish washing bubbles for a few minutes. Give it a scrub with a soft toothbrush if you think it needs it and then...... shave with it 👍
You can also try using some Maas polishing cream or something similar. I would not use anything abrasive on the razor.

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When I use my 39c Sledgehammer a quick rinse under the hot tap cleans it. I've had this razor for 4 months and its still in pristine condition.

I did give the razor a quick wipe with a cleaning cloth to remove any fingerprints for the sake of photographic clarity. But here it is still looking good as new! (Blade has been removed as my wife does not like me taking the razor downstairs with a blade in it for safety reasons)

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I clean my razor in hot water, with a little isopropyl alcohol, or can use mouthwash that is alcohol based. Clean with toothbrush, then dry and polish with a towel. Mine shines right up, just like new.
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