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Clean shave disappearing beard taking over

I keep going back and forth between both. Iv been told beard looks better however I feel clean shave is more professional
I feel the world has gone beard crazy and clean shave is disappearing from society.

What do people think?


I keep going back and forth between both. Iv been told beard looks better however I feel clean shave is more professional
I feel the world has gone beard crazy and clean shave is disappearing from society.

What do people think?
Clean-shaven has become less popular, but watch who gets the promotions. Maybe it's different for men.

If clean-shaven makes you feel more professional, then you will be more professional.
I shave every day, I feel if someone wants to have a beard short, long or ragety that's his choice.
Some beards look good, but some just look sloppy.

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If you’re old school like me you want to wear a suit to work and be clean shaven. Nowadays millennials want to be able to express themselves and be comfortable. In reality what matters are results, reaching your objectives. Any sane and coherent manager will consider that, not a beard, colored hair or weird clothing...
To some extent it will depend on the industry and organizational norms. For some, the expectation is for the clean-shaven look, and traditional looks in other ways as well (no visible ink, multiple or non-traditional piercings, etc.). For others, little attention is given to looks. Geography also seems to matter, though probably to a lesser degree. For example, in my work for the business school at my university, we are expected to be dressed in "business casual" for teaching, but when visiting businesses with students, I dress in suit and tie. In the liberal arts, jeans and a polo shirt are just fine. But in the northeastern Universities, my sense is that dress codes tend to be more formal, whether in a business school or the liberal arts. Even gender plays a role...my female colleagues tell me they feel a need to dress more professionally than the men simply to maintain professional status.

It would be nice if the only thing that mattered was performance, but it's not always (or even usually) true.
I’m a clean shave advocate. I think that being clean shaved makes one stand out in a unique way these days I happen to live in Oregon where beards are everywhere. Too much scruff I say! I like looking different.
I agree with you razorhead. A clean shave with no visible stubble is becoming less common

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I dont wish to be associated with the hipster movement in appearance.

I feel cleaner with a clean shaven face.
The "clean shaved" look was mostly a byproduct of WWI and widespread male military participation, though western society has tended, since the middle ages, to not favor beards. However, it does go through phases.

Brian C.

My perception has changed over the years. For the better part of 25 years, I maintained some form of facial hair. For another 6 years, I maintained what my wife referred to as an amazingly manly full beard. When I changed jobs 2 and a half years ago and it was more beneficial to be clean shaven (hairnet/beardnet requirement), I have remained clean shaven on my head and face. I now prefer to be clean shaven and feel it is more professional and projects a better image of my professionalism.

My wife often teases about how quick I am to get in the bathroom to shower and shave now and that I just don’t seem myself until I do. Lol.

I do agree with others that it comes and goes in cycles and clean shaven will come back around and beards will diminish. However, I will remain clean shaven for the rest of my days, as long as I’m able.

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Clean shaved I think looks more professional. That is my opinion though. Had a beard years ago, when I look back at photo's, I am surprised at how unkempt I did look.
I do notice in pictures with friends and work colleagues how clean and nice my skin looks vs. their beards (nearly everyone is growing a beard these days).

I keep wondering if they would feel differently if they could experience a nice shave with a decent brush and a sharp straight razor. I guess most people prefer convenience these days and find pleasure elsewhere

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I've never been one to jump on the band wagon. Just because ink, piercings, beards, man buns, and dreads are popular, I don't feel the need to follow the crowd like a bunch of lemmings. My hair has been longer than two feet for years. It's always clean, combed, and mostly tied back for convenience. I keep a goatee as that's something I've had most of my adult life. The rest of my face is clean shaven. It helps the goatee stand out rather than facial hair does with stubble.
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In the engineering realm, clean shaven is the norm. You have to be a real old fart with a really good rep to get away with a beard. Nothing may be said directly, but there are judgments made.

Geography also seems to matter, though probably to a lesser degree.
If you are dealing with Japanese, Korean or Chinese companies, ink, piercings, and a beard are seen as "thuggish". Not a good look. There are even public swim areas in Eastern Asia where you are not allowed to enter if you have ink.

So, even if nothing is outwardly said, Culturally having ink, piercings or facial hair can create a glass ceiling.

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As a painting contractor working in high end homes, when hiring, I not only checked for past experience and quality work ethic but appearance, well trimmed beard or a clean shave was considered.
Who really cares what other people think? I shave for myself since I enjoy it immensely, and like to be tidy. I grow stubble at the corners of my mouth and I wear shirts with collars that rub against unshaven neck. Both are bothering me too much to ignore. These are some reasons I shave even when I am not working.

I work with customers and everyone keeps high standards here. Body piercing, tattoos, or scruffy looking beards are not acceptable. This is also a scent-free environment, which I grew to appreciate very much.


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I don’t have a good reason to grow a beard or a good reason to shave it. I do know that I got a lot of compliments when I wore a beard. I mainly just shave because I feel like I’m wasting my shave supplies.