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Claus Porto Barbear Fantasia - 150gr

Tart Grapefruit is mixed with Sweet Fig for a great morning wake-up fragrance in this soap made with 100% natural pure Mango Butter

Found this in a store here in Monterey grabbed two. Under $20.00 anyone with a history of this? The clerk thought they were bath soap but I commented that with the picture and title it was a shave soap.
Never heard of it but that brand is great. They make Musgo Real. Did you happen to get that at the Pharmacy in Carmel?
Nope a place called Never on Sunday.. I have been to the place in Carmel I have been encouraging them to stock up and suggesting items like Cella and Musgo. I have been building a list for the gent who has been handling the shave stock. Telling him that IF they build it and with Carmel being a international tourist site and the locals, and the international students at Naval Post Graduate School and the other International school here they could build up quite a sales line and make good. So we will see, I have a another gal who has a French boutique who is trying to get me some French soaps and creams... Martin de Candre and others.
Lusitano's words are correct. Claus Porto does not have a shaving soap.

That is NOT a shaving soap, but it is an excellent bath soap with a beautiful vintage-type label.
A bath soap! :scared::sad:And here I thought I'd scored.... Ok then no shave with it but I do hope I smell like grapefruit!:wink2:
Moved to appropriate forum. I just finished a bar of the Musgo body soap. It was excellent -- I presume that this one would be, as well!
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