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I was pretty skeptical, but keep in mind I only have 5 months of lathering my own soap. The soaps at www.classicshaving.com only cost $5.00 USD for a 2.5" puck. They rubbed me wrong when they waited over a week to package and begin to ship it to me. Anyway, I am still on my first tub of Proraso, and actually get a better lather from a bar of Dove Men+Care 3 in 1 bar soap. I tried this Sandalwood soap from Classicshaving with my first straight razor shave, and was pleasantly impressed. The lather is the best I've made, it's the hardest soap I've tried, I love the scent, and my SR glided right on my face, chopping through the hairs while feeling as slick as a butter knife!


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They used to sell on Ebay but I'm not sure if they do anymore. I bought two pucks a year or so ago- a Bacon scented one that my kid in college liked and took with him and a Frankincense and Myrrh one that I kept and am using now. I agree, for a very inexpensive soap that is melt and pour based, it was definitely worth the $5. They also sell tallow based stuff and things with lanolin, etc.

The website doesn't impress me much, though, and it appears that they are actually a re-seller of other people's soaps if you read the descriptions. They say some are made in Florida and others are from different states. Prices seem to vary for soaps made with basically the same ingredients because of that, I'm guessing.

I have enough soaps to last me two lifetimes, so I wouldn't buy from them again, but it's a very serviceable soap for the price with a very good scent.
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