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Classic shaving supplies in Portland?

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I've paid a lot for shipping since getting into wetshaving, and I'm wondering if I couldn't pick up supplies locally in the future (blades, creams etc... things I'll inevitably need more of... also looking into getting a razor/brush stand).

Does anyone from Portland know of good stores to buy these things? I've heard there's some fancy shop downtown somewhere, but I don't remember what its called.

Thanks for any tips.
Nordstroms carries the AOS and T&H products, I've also been told that Mario's mens store downtown carries some supplies. When I went to the Saks there they didn't have much in the way of choices, maybe that will changes as Christmas is nearing.
1) Target has proraso.

2) Escential in the SE on Hawthorne has Pre de Provence, Musgo Real, Caswell & Massey, their own brand soaps and cream and others.

3) The Multnomah Athletic Club (MAC) has T&H everything even the brushes.

4) Nordstrom has some stuff (AOS, Jack Black,etc) but I don't remember them having T&H.

5) Mario's has Trumpers everything (I believe), as well as the Simpson Major.

I checked out Mario's a couple of weeks ago. In addition to Trumper's, they also carry Acqua Di Parma shaving cream. I passed...for now.

Another place is Ziva Salon @ 610 NW 23rd. They sell a full compliment of eShave products.
Theres a Kiehl's store in NW Portland - decent shave cream and pretty good skin products (bar soap is great). I believe its also on NW 23rd.
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