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Classic Shaving.com Trustable?

Hello everyone,

I ordered occams razor yesterday morning in earlier, although I sent a few e-mails to the company, it seems that the product has not yet been shipped. What do you think about this situation?
Hello, personal experience, I've purchased on two occasions from them, an razor, and then an extra set of screws for an oren. Had a wonderful experience both times and they went out of their way to skip the "standard" shipping and just send me the screws via normal post. This was.. a few months ago. Have things changed? Maybe? And you only did place your order yesterday. Personally I would give it till Monday and then maybe just shoot a quick email over.

tldr; I wouldn't worry yet.
Just a minute ago; i received a massage from them. But they have some problem about site; she said we shipped you, but when you look at site, now it is okay

Owen Bawn

"Ask me about a fluffernutter"
It's been a long time since I bought from them, but 10 years ago that was the place to go if you wanted to buy a Rooney brush. Which you can no longer do. Anywhere.
They got bought by a company that doesn’t have a good rep for customer service. The parent company set up Grim Blades (straights and branded soaps made by someone else). When their rep got shot here, I think they bought Hart Razors and their quality tanked too, before buying Classic shaving. My info below is years old, and haven’t heard much of them lately, but I don’t see why they’d have changed their colors.

the short version is, they weren’t into any kind of after sale communications, didn’t do returns unless it was a credit card dispute, and they’d fight everything as hard as they could, blaming the buyer for any issues. They did that across all their brands as reported here. The Grim threads here ended up deleted, or sequestered behind an admin wall, before they bought Hart.

so, my advise is buyer beware. If you’ve bought a viable product, congrats. If you have an issue with a product, be prepared for a fight to make it right, and use a credit card to be able to dispute it through them. it may be your only viable recourse.


Moderator Emeritus
It's been a long time since I bought from them, but 10 years ago that was the place to go if you wanted to buy a Rooney brush. Which you can no longer do. Anywhere.
Correct. That's where I got my Rooney from. They had a great sale on them at the time.
I got their branded super badger brush about 3 years ago. Nothing but good things to say.

Hair is almost identical to my 2-band shavemac, even more densely packed, 1/4 the price.
My $0.02.......they are likely going under. Most items on their site are sold out, and almost all of their house-branded software is being deeply discounted.

I recently placed an order with them because I had racked up "reward points" to use, that will obviously disappear if they go under. My order shipped within a reasonable amount of time, but one item was the incorrect size. I emailed them twice and got radio silence (which is a complaint I hear often lately).

It's also worth noting that Luke Webster appears to be focusing his efforts on his real estate business and not his shaving supply business. My guess is that around this time next year, "The Grooming Network" shall be no more.....


I've made five purchases from Classic Shaving over the past six months and all orders ended up delivered and correct. Each of my purchases was either an Occam's or OREN version some with or without blades, and on one order I added a few other items. So my positive experience has been all related to ordering Occam's razor in one form or another.

Given the reduced pricing on the Occam's and then the OREN version I figured those razors were going out of production. That was one of the reasons I initially decided to give them a try- <$50 for a stainless US made razor with a somewhat unique design concept in artist club razors seemed a deal. The fact that the Occam's started giving me consistently amongst the best shaves ever, prompted the remaining orders for spares. I wanted an Occam's and an OREN for each of our two places, and then on a lark I bought a rose gold Occam's out of curiosity about how they did the finish. That accounts for my five orders.

As noted above, the post-sale communication was not stellar. One order took over a week, maybe two weeks, to ship. But, all my orders showed up to the correct addresses. To their credit I ordered a razor and blades to be sent to my daughter's home New York in advance of my two-month trip there. I hadn't heard on that order, so I emailed them, and they responded promptly and the order arrived in NY safely.
I bought a defective Occam's OREN once.(the grinding process had warped the head slightly enough so a blade could not be installed without the blade edge rubbing the razor itself.) (FWIW, I had already purchased a standard Occam's SE, and was very happy with it)

They took care of it eventually, but it wasn't the best experience. The replacement was perfectly fine. However, I don't buy from them anymore.
I recently purchased a few items which were not as described. I emailed Classic Shaving but they didn't respond. Then I filed a dsipute with Paypal. Paypal said they would contact the vendor and if they didn't respond, they would rule in my favor. I just received an email from Paypal that said the case was now closed and they ruled in my favor. They gave me a full refund.
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