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classic fragrance clones

Several months ago I came across a website for a company (maybe in England?) that blended and sold its own versions of some of the classic scents. For example, if you like Acqua di Parma Colonia type scents, it has its own formulation for a much cheaper price, but sells it under a different name. It is not claiming its AdP, so it's not a counterfeit or violation of someone's intellectual property rights. In any event, I have lost the name of the company and was hoping someone here might know the name of this company or similar ones. Thanks
Was it Milton Lloyd? I've used a few of their clone frags and found them to be quite good for the price. Their No 9 Victor is a Creed Aventus clone and not bad at all. Unfortunately their dispensers leave a lot to be desired and tend to squirt out a stream of liquid, rather than a mist - rather off-putting.
While looking up Milton Lloyd, I found the similar site I had seen before. It's called Perfume Parlour (perfume-parlour.co.uk). I haven't used this company, but thought it might be worth a try.
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