Cinco de Mayo ! I scored a Motherlode of Fragrances!

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by SixCats!, May 5, 2019.

    Hi all,

    Man, ya got to love the likes of Flea Markets and such. Today while driving with the Mrs. out in the Country, we came across a Flea Market type business. Long story short, I purchased all the following for ten dollars! Some items pretty basic and the others.......well......

    Four bottles of fun AVON stuff :
    AVON Abe Lincoln Aftershave (full bottle)
    AVON Siamese Cat Bottle Cologne Splash (full bottle)
    AVON Mallard Duck Bottle Cologne/Aftershave ? (full bottle/missing label)
    AVON "EXCALIBUR" Cologne 6 oz. Splash (full bottle)

    Now, here's where it gets interesting :
    Houbigant Chantilly EdC 8 oz. Splash (full bottle)
    Michael Kors EdP Spray 100ml (90% full)
    TERRE D'HERMES (75% full) 3.3 oz. Spray
    Stetson Sierra Cologne Spray 2.25 oz. Spray (NIB)
    CARRINGTON COLOGEN Spray 3.4 oz. (NOS)

    ROGER & GALLET (Vintage) EdC Splash (1/2 bottle)

    I'm unsure of size (amount) of the 7 1/2" bottle (as seen here) : Jean Marie Farina Vintage Roger & Gallet Cologne Extra Vieille Massive rare | eBay

    and for the Win!

    NORELL 1 oz. Perfume (full bottle/not sealed) :

    Vint Norell Perfume 1 Fl Oz Corded Sealed | eBay

    I must say, I'm (truly) shocked, shocked by the prices of (some) of these vintage Fragrances! I mean, vintage Stetson Sierra Colonge (NIB) costing/selling for over seventy dollars ? Wow! The Carrington Cologne Spray even more expensive!

    Oooh, in addition to the above fragrances, I also found another vintage ROLLS Razor.
    This Rolls however is missing one of it's side cover (leather strop). Still for three dollars, I have another unit for extra parts such as Blade/Handle & cover w/Stone (perfect condition). All in all, a good weekend for hitting the Shops!

  1. troy

    troy Ambassador

    What Avon scents did you get? FYI the Siemese cat is probably a women's scent. The women's scent were labeled as colognes, but came in more feminine looking decanters.
  2. Hi Troy, Woman's scent marked Cologne eh ? I wondered about that bottle being a Siamese Cat!
    All of a sudden, I'm feeling "GIRLY!" LOL. Actually, the Wife picked out that CAT bottle as we use to own several Siamese Cats :



    EXCALIBUR! I recall reading at several sites that this one is well liked. I have no box, just a full bottle (which is very cool)! I LOVE the movie EXCALIBUR !

  3. ajkel64

    ajkel64 Ambassador

    Great scores, I will have to pay more attention when scouring second hand shops in the future.
  4. Hi @ajkel64 , Thank you Sir! Truth be known, the "strength" of these vintage AVON's leave a bit to be desired.
    Still, what the heck, I'll just SPLASH/BATH in this stuff lol. Now, the more "Niche" Fragrances I found, that's another story!

  5. Wow! That's hard to believe.
  6. Agreed! Good score
  7. Hi @Cigar Guy, @tchip13,

    Thanks Guys. It was indeed a pretty good score! I'm pretty pleased with (what turns out to be) a large/full vintage bottle of Houbigant "Chantilly" Eau de Cologne (which was first produced around 1941 and up to ?)
    While "Chantilly" is still being produced today, it is NOT produced by The House of Houbigant, but rather Dana and said not to be as good (at least according to reviews I have found). I'm still unsure if this Chantilly EdC was marketed as a Woman's Fragrances or not (most likely). That being said, a Guy could pull off wearing this Fragrance no problem (at least in my book).

  8. Are these for sale prices only, or purchased recently? Because that’ll make a big difference. regardless great score!!
  9. Ad Astra

    Ad Astra Ambassador

    Nice work @SixCats! Vintage Avon is really where it's at! (In my own 1970s opinion).

    If you think it's weak ... splash on more! Wild Cuntry, Tai Winds etc. epitomize the word "classic."

    Also, the Siamese cat is cool regardless of what's in it. If you plow through the Vintage Avon thread - I am re-reading all 138 pages, slowly - many Avon scents are unisex and just smell nice.

    Hopefully this puts you onboard with ALPHA - Avon Lovers Perpetually Hunting Avon - an elite group, likened at one time to the A-Team!

  10. Hi @global_dev , @Ad Astra ,

    glo, I really don't know the answer to your question. Perhaps it's the "asking" price. Big difference indeed!

    Hi Ad, Man, just want I need, it's bad enough I've been a Fragrance Head at Basenotes since 2003. I all sorts of "out of control!" buying/collecting Fragrances. Might as well buy AVON as well. Funny, my Mother was an AVON lady in the early 1960's. I figure the first Cologne I have had as a young Pre-teen/Teen was some sort of Car or Goose lol.
    I'll look into ALPHA. Thanks.


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