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Discussion in 'The Brown Leaf' started by doctordial, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. I'm new to smoking cigars. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  2. Padron
  3. Kentos

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    How is your nicotine tolerance? I like Drew Estate’s Nica Rustica for a stronger stick, and maybe a AF Hemingway for something lighter. TBO if you are just starting out most production cigars will be pretty tasty.
  4. What's your previous experience (pipes, cigarette (ex-cigarette); etc?
    My "go-to" stick that never lets me down is the AF Hemingway Short Story. I generally like anything from the DE line that is not flavored and also My Father & Tatuaje. None of those are particularly "cheap", but (IMO) I figure that one should start with a well known & well regarded stick and then go from there.
    There have been previous threads with similar topics that should be able to be found fairly easily and also take a peek in this thread and see what pops up regularly:
    Cigar Of The Day (COTD)
  5. I would recommend picking a mid-priced brand that has several types of wrappers and trying them. Then replying to this thread your likes and dislikes of each of the cigars. You can then try the wrapper you enjoyed the most in different brands as well. The wrapper isn't the end-all factor in cigars, but it does play a huge role.

    AF, MF, and DE are good choices. I actually enjoy the low-end Flor de Oliva Corojo very much, so try some low end cigars as well.
  6. My favorite is Ashton with a maduro wrapper. They are nice and mild but with full flavor. I was also given a box of Davidoff's that were incredible. Another popular favorite among many smokers is Macanudo. I recently bought a few Romeo & Juliets and they actually made me ill. YMMV with this sport just like shaving.
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    Davidoff=$$$$ :).
  8. A lot of on line sellers have sample packs. I can recommend Cigars Daily, JR Cigars, and Famous Smoke as good sources.
  9. With all due respect you just have to smoke 'em and find out for yourself. I frequent my local cigar lounge and everyone likes something different. Also don't get hung up on reviews and tasting notes and such. I find many high rated cigars are not that great. Price will also throw you off. There are some real good cheap cigars available these days. Have fun.
  10. This was my experience as well, back when I smoked cigars. Same could be said for pipes and pipe tobacco!
  11. Everyone who likes cigars has recommendations. Which ones have you had that you liked? Is there a really well stocked cigar shop near you?

    I agree with others that part of cigar smoking is just trying them out. Also agree with those mentioned, Padron, AF (Arturo Fuente) MF (My Father)... and add to the list Alec Bradley, Punch... the list just goes on and on. And those are just the brands... once you really start obsessing you can separate into the individual cigars!

    maybe have a look here:
    Top 25: Best Buys | Cigar Aficionado
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    I’ll recommend the Padron 1964 Anniversary Exclusivo with a maduro wrapper. You honestly cannot go wrong with this smoke.
  13. Have a glass of Louis XIII while you’re at it!
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    The Padron is not a OMG expensive cigar. Life’s too short to smoke bad cigars.
  15. Post of the week!
  16. My B&M shop have shirts with that saying on them.
  17. Doctordial:
    People say I'm considered to be smart, but being 'partial' to Cuban cigars...I don't think my recommendation would be not much help at all. :001_rolle

    On the other hand, being a 'beginner/noob' to cigars...your 'best bet' would be a 'mild, light-to-medium bodied' cigar (being it Honduran, Nicaraguan, Dominican Republic, etc..).

    Don't make that mistake of trying a stronger cigar...believe may not be pretty. Sick Smiley.jpg

    Start off with 'mild', then when you gain smoking experience (your tastes, cigar size etc...), then 'move-up' to 'medium' and then 'full' bodied cigars (my favorites are mild, light-to-meduim bodied 'sticks'), if that's what you prefer. :thumbsup:
    [​IMG] “A cigar—it’s not so much a [passion] as the crown and hallmark of pleasure”. Count Leo Tolstoy
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  18. So true...I still have a couple, saving them for what I’m not sure yet. Last night I had a CAO Flathead. So many cigars, so little time!
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    Shorter cigars. A Churchill is a large time commitment. If a cigar is making you light headed or ill . . . well you can stop and maybe, if you like, come back for the rest later.

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