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Chubby 3 in Best - is it supposed to start out this prickly?

My (finest grade--don't remember the model) Chubby 3 is about 15 years old. Now, I would have no other.

When I first got this brush I remarked to the dealer that it seemed a bit scrubby compared to my previous badger brushes. His response was that this is normal for a Simpson. I was a little put off by this sensation at first, but soon didn't notice it as I got used to the different feel. Much later I began to appreciate that the stiffness quality is a definite plus in working up lather on the face--there is a mechanical scrubbing of oils from the stubble, which helps wet and soften the hairs, AND there is a concurrent sort of facial massage that feels good.
Having had little experience with Simpsons Best, I was worried in case my logic had failed me, but I was smiling as I used it this morning. I'm looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with this big beast.

Congratulations!! :thumbup:
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