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Chubby 2 doubt

In my experience the Chubby 2 and 3 knots work really well in Manchurian, of which I have 6 brushes in the rotation, but they are all quite different. All exhibit great flow through, are very easy to load, tons of scrub yet with paradoxial softness. They don't bloom very much, so the knot stays tight when loaded, and are very easy to rinse. I custom ordered a short lofted chubby 2 manchurian and it's fantastic, it barely flexes and is a scrubbing beast. it's all a matter of personal preference.
I find the Best grade in chubby 2 is too floppy, blooms massively and does hog lather, a pain to wash out too.

The Manchurian grade is very variable in tip softness, and the knot shape and loft in general is a crapshoot, so there is a tendency to buy a few as each has its own character.

I've ordered a two-band chubby 2, hoping that works out.
They do. You can still find some offerings from last year all labeled BLACK FRIDAY SALE

yes, I bought Chubby 2 Manchurian Badger faux Butterscotch :c9:

I have saved £ 15.00, it's something ..... :letterk1:


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