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    I just got a Christy Razor as part of SEptember after reading that a Schick injector blade can be fitted in it because of the two bumps in the front of the guard, similar to how it will fit a MMOC and MMCP. I was able to get the blade to fit in the guard and hold there, however I noticed that the guard slides side to side in the razor. I am assuming that this is because the original blades had the side tabs that would prevent this. Will this be a problem when shaving? Also can anyone tell me what the massage bar is all about and how it works? Interesting in that the bar area seem to be made of a different material from the lower plate, maybe copper?
  1. The massage bar had the usual claim of stretching and smoothing the skin ahead of the blade. Red brass is more likely.
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    I have one, haven't tried it yet though. I believe both pars of the head are brass the handle is steel. I think it was fairly common to plate steel with copper before plating with nickle or chrome.
  5. Cool score. Enjoy. Pics?
  6. Given how well roller guard razors shave, the massage bar claim seems to me to be stretching the truth a wee bit.
  7. On the model Christy I have, at least, the :massage bar" can be left entirely off without a problem, so I'd guess no harm if it slides around
  8. Just posted on the September Scores section

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    Interesting read. One question: do you put pressure on the razor to make the massage bar work? If so, does it result in cuts or nicks?
  10. Seems to be just a solid, smooth guard bar ahead of the tooth guard, just shave as you normally would.
  11. I use my Christy occasionally (with injector blades) and it works well. It doesn't hold the injector blade super securely, but I haven't had any problems during shaving, so it is good enough. I find it to be a mild but still nice shaver. If you prefer aggressive stuff then it might not be your cup of tea, but when I'm in the mood for an easy shave that I know will be comfortable, it fills the bill.
  12. First shave tonight with the Christy. Kind of a juggling act to get the blade to seat correctly, but was pretty secure once done. That loose sideways motion did not affect the shave at all. I was surprised at how nice of a shave it was. No major problems, I did the same as all other SE razors - head almost touching my face and very light pressure. Had to get used to having an SE razor so far from my face as the Gem types (and the earlier Schicks) all had short handles. Although this won't be my daily driver, I can see where it will end up in one of my rotations. So that makes this razor and my MMOC and MMCP that I use Schick injector blades and they give great shaves. My Christy came with a pack of blades and I might try one out one day, Need to get my tetanus booster first.
  13. I've eyeballed a Christy... still in the case...a few times at a local antique store, but passed on it because of the proprietary blade. I think he has $19 on it.
  14. Offer him $10 because of the proprietary blade. They will take an injector blade.
  15. Thanks for the pic.
  16. What's this? Using a Schick Injector blade in a Gem Micromatic?

    I just grabbed my Micromatic and fitted in an old injector blade. It appears to fit. But why would I do this? Is the shave superior in any way? Injector blades are much more expensive than SE blades, but they also last 3 times longer, so the cost issue would balance out. I'd like to hear some more details about experiences in using an injector blade in a Micromatic. Thanx in advance.
  17. Yeah, I started this thread as I was looking for an SE razor.

    Was surprised that someone with a micromatic tried loading an injector blade and shaving with it. The injector blade is different from the Gem type in thickness and the sharpened edge, and coupled with a micromatic, it's a good combination. For SEptember, all my shaves with my MMOC I use an injector blade. Try it out tonight when you shave. Getting the blade loaded is half the battle. The rest is easy.
  18. I nearly forgot what pre-computer fixed-width typeset right-justified text looks like. You can see some stretched spacing between some of the words and in some cases between the letters. Way back in the day, newspaper columns looked like that.
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    I wonder if a twin blade would be more secure?

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