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Christmas Tree Topper

What do you put on top of your Christmas tree?

  • Angel

  • Star

  • Something Else

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A star these days. Although in my starter marriage we used an angel (actually very nice), and in college I have a tree that was an homage to Budweiser, with bottle cap garland, cans as ornaments, and a longneck with the bottom cut out for the topper. We spent all year preparing for it. I loved that tree... There's a pic of it somewhere...
I usually have an Angel on mine. This year though, I overestimated the size of the tree my place could handle. It goes right to the ceiling. A nice bow tied to it will do for this year :)
An enormous silver bow. The tree we picked out this year is all messed up. It's too tall and our hand saw broke, so we cut the top off and hid it with the bow.
I put down "angel" but my wife and I are convinced she's not really a good angel. Perhaps a fallen angel. She's been known to knock people off of ladders and come down on people at inopportune times. As such, she's acquired a not so nice name over the years. Yet we continue put her up top the tree each year since this has been going on for over a decade now. And each year we have a good chuckle over our "angel".
A Christopher Radko finial, it is large and quite ornate - but I sweat putting it on each year because the wrath if it were to be broken would be.....I dont want to think about it
Usually a star. There were several years when I was a teenager that my family used an angel, but before that, and ever since, it's been a star (although not always the same star).
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