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Christmas Soap - Fine 21st Century Clubman

One of my Christmas gifts is a tub of Fine's Clubman. In their listing they say that it is in tribute to Pinaud's Clubman. As I read that tribute a few months ago, I wondered if it would have they scent of Pinaud Clubman after shave or their shaving soap. They have greatly different scents. I like them both, and both for their uniqueness and performance. The aftershave is spicy and probably my fall back aftershave. It works well with anything. The soap for its milder scent, wonderfully easy to lather character, and extreme slickness. The soap's biggest downfall is that it is extremely soft and is quickly consumed.

My first surprise is that Fine's 21st Century soaps come in a huge cosmetics jar. Large diameter but short in height. It is a 5 oz portion where their earlier soaps were 3.5 oz and smaller diameter pucks. The new formula is softer than their prior product, but not nearly as soft as Pinaud's Clubman soap.

In answer to the scent question, it resembles the aftershave, not the soap.

It lather's somewhat easier than earlier hard milled Fine soaps, but not as easily as Pinaud's Clubman.

Most importantly it shaves wonderfully. It is definitely a keeper.

I should not post when in a rush. Fine's club soap in Clubhouse, not Clubman. It is still a tribute to Pinaud's Clubman.

I would welcome a moderator changing the thread name.
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