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Christmas in April

Got a few goodies in the mail five minutes ago:

Equinox shavette
Vie-Long horse hair shaving brush
Lucky Tiger aftershave lotion
Turkish hammered copper shaving mug
Ok, so WE (wife and I tried out the items, I was the test dummy)

The good:
The copper bowl is of course awesome, the marks in it help building up lather real well.

The horse hair brush works a lot better than my badger one.

The Lucky Tiger is awesome, even though I had to use the alum bar first (read below as to why)

The bad:
First of all I've never been more nervous in my entire life, not even when bringing in helicopters for landing at night with new pilots. My wife tried the chop and pull method with the shavette.

The Derby blade does not belong in the shavette, I haven't even tried it in my regular razor, because I've never heard anything good about Derby, nor Shark (a blade that came with the copper bowl).

I replaced the blade with a yellow Gillette, better right away.

Problem is the lack of weight with the Shavette, it calls for using pre shave oil on the face, something I don't have.

The shave was so horrible I finished with my regular razor, using the same Feather blade which cut me some days ago. Ended up with a smooth shave however had to use the alum bar, my face immediately caught on fire lol.
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