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Christmas/Holiday drink of choice

With Christmas holidays coming up and being summer here in Australia my drink of choice will be some nice cold beers from some local micro breweries. I do enjoy a few cold beers sitting on the balcony on a warm summers afternoon with family and friends.

Whats on your drinks list this holiday season?
Uigeadail this year.


I make my own eggnog using Jameson as the base. This year I'm branching out by using black rum - I think I'll experiment with Gosling's Black Seal, Cruzan Black Strap, Cruzan 9 Spice, and Kraken and see what happens. Traditionally I use a combination of Hennessey's VO, Jameson, and standard Cruzan but lately I've done straight Jameson. I'm also going to jar and age a batch for next year so I want to perfect the recipe.

Besides eggnog, there's a lot of Scotch going down, red wine, seasonal ales and ciders, some homemade meads, and a few cocktails (Palmettos are the choice this year).
To me a good tawny port tastes like Christmas. Taylor Fladgate or Graham's.
But when it's snowing outside; any port in a storm...
I like to have some eggnog in my bourbon on Christmas day. Its chilling in the fridge and I have some woodford and e. craig waiting. Yes Ill ruin good bourbon on that one day.
I picked up a gift box type thing at the liquor store recently, it's 200mL each of the Bowmore 12yr, 15yr Darkest, and 18yr.

Sipping the 12 right now, will crack the 15 and 18 with friends and family over the next couple days!
Egg Nog of course...I think the wife has bought a gallon of it so far this year. She and I tried mead with mulled spices for the first time.
Eggnog spiked with brandy for most of the week. Elijah Craig 12 tonight and possibly Jonnie Walker Blue this weekend.
Some home fermented wines and good, dark Beers for the winter season.

Might I recommend Old Rasputin's Russian Imperial Stout to keep you warm?
We tend to travel around Europe right before Christmas or right after. My favorite is the local drink where ever we may be. This year was Chianti in Rome, last year was Sangria in Barcelona.
Well, it's too late for this year, and it was too hot weather wise by me to make it, but I found a recipe for Dickensian Christmas warm punch called " Smoking Bishop " that I definitely want to try next year.
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