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Christmas gift ideas for girlfriend

Hello, gents. My girlfriend of six months is going to Edinburgh, Scotland to study abroad in Summer 2016. I would like to get her a Christmas gift that is Scotland-themed. Trying to keep it under 50 bucks. Needs to be more creative than a T-shirt, and less extravagant than arranging a personal meeting with William Wallace. Thanks for the suggestions!
Scarf or skirt in a nice tartan? Picture of you together photoshopped in front of a castle. It's a tough call without knowing you two.
I know, I know Comic books ?
How about shaving stuff, razors and soaps !
fishing gear !
and now you know why I am single.
You can always give her a free gift, which will grow into an expensive one within about a nine month time frame! (bada-bing, zoom, bang!)

How about a nice fleece jacket, something soft, comfy and colorful?
Women don't generally enjoy scotch, but it's hard to suggest anything when we don't know what she's into.
In all seriousness, and if you think she'd enjoy it, how about a nice journal and a decent pen so she can write about her experiences in Scotland?


Moderator Emeritus
Is there a reason that she has chosen Scotland? Perhaps a book or two on the history of the place?
Do you live in Scotland or anywhere close? If not, I would instead get her something that will remind her of you. If neither of you have ties to Scotland, the gift will not mean nearly as much as being able to remember you. The best gifts are always ones that have to do with some inside joke or something that only you two get.
Well, if she was going to Glasgow, a switchblade knife would be handy. Since it's Edinburgh, may I suggest a copy of the tour guide titled "Things To Do In Glasgow". You'll find it in any good bookshop, usually in the section of World's Thinnest Books.

Thank you, you've been a great audience. I'm here til Thursday. Tip your waitress.
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