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Chopper blades Photos as Requested

I posted the other day that I had opened up a box of chopper blades put up a long time ago.I thought there were around 90 blades in this box but there are actually about 200.They are mostly as new or excellent condition(none corroded or damaged,or reworked)Some still have cosmoline on them,so the packages are too greasy to put on my mat to take pictures.The worst looking of the bunch is the Celebrated 8/8 with scales,and it is in very good condition.There are 7 ,maybe more 9/8,and a couple of 10/8 various manufacturers,most are WB.There is also a package with all of the Royals from George 5 to Prince Albert with everybody repesented by at least one blade.I am going to start degreassing and rescaleing these in the next few weeks,and will put some up for sale.I have a lot of original scales,buffalo horn,and I will put some of them in these.Thought you might like to see the photos.Many more boxes like this laying around,Ill get to them someday.Best Regards Gary
If you find yourself with not enough time on your hands to feed, walk and pick up after any of those, I could provide a loving home for a few of those:tongue_sm
The Biggest bunch I bought was in 1965,around thenI bought all the razors that OK Feed in south Miami had in their left over stock.Maybe 3000 mostly all shefield razors most like new,I think this is part of that bunch,then over the years I have bought them until the prices got high.I also bought some on e bay around 4 years ago when the prices were good(celebrated/barbers use 25.00) I bought a bunch of Big Wade Butcher from a hardware dealer in Petropolis Brazil about 60 choppers brand new.This guy had been one of the biggest dealers in south america.He had all kinds of paperwork from Wade and Butcher ,catalogs /product sheets,invoices,etc from 1860 on,I got a lot of that stuff,also spare scales pins washers,wedges,and greased oakum string packing(this was used to fill the big pin hole before you put the scales on it also kept the scales tight and prevented the pin hole area from rusting,you will only see this if you take an as new WB apart)I have some of the razors still.I tried to get in touch with this guy the last time I was in Brazil(two years ago) but the building is gone,and I left some messages,but never heard if he still has any razors,but some where down ther there are a few hundred new old stock razors floating around.I also have a couple hundred framebacks in a box here.most are brand new from 1860 to 1890 mostly big ones.I will take pictures tomorrow for those interested.If anyone wants to buy blades I will sell them,but they arent cheap,if your looking for bargains go to e bay,and do some grinding,you get what you pay for............Best regards Gary

SlagleRock love the quote.

If you are referring to this one:

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I decided to add this to my signature as we approach Memorial Day in honor of our fallen.

As a proud owner of one of your 9/8 masterpieces, I will happily, HAPPILY tell you that I am in the market for another. That you have access to a number of 9/8 and a few 10/8 (drooooooollllll) makes me a happy boy.
Let me know when the first 10/8 is ready, and it is sold.
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