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Choosing which pipe for which blend type


Goose Poop Connoisseur
I don’t dedicate pipes to different blends. If there is something that worries me, I just smoke a cob. I rarely smoke heavy aromatics but do enjoy a bit of Lakeland out of a cob n
With my most recent new pipe, the Peterson 606 Arklow pot-bowl, I started out with a tiny bit of the C & D Alpine Lodge that SP threw in as a freebie. I liked it, but it seemed a bit strong for me. Since then, I've smoked a mix of MacBaren Golden Extra and the AL in it, some Half & Half, and I think I have run some of the Stokkebye Luxury Twist Flake as well. All of them are at least part VA, so the 606 has seen mostly that. It just fell out that way because of the AL being right there in the wings when I opened the package up on Xmas morning.

If I pick up a Dublin, I will certainly try the VA blends in it. As for a Canadian, something about that shape says to me, "Codger blends, Mac. No fancy stuff. Keep it simple." Again, this is based on esthetics and my imagination, the same imagination that leads me to nickname my pipes.
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