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choosing new adjustable

With xmas around the corner, I know I'm going to end up asking for another razor to add to my collection. Even better if I don't have to pony up the dough.

So, I love my slim, and I think I'd like another adjustable.

I'm considering asking for a fatboy, (not interested in futur), and a progress.

For those in the know, how do these 2 compare to my beloved slim.


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My Fatboy is nice, but my 1974 Super Adjustable blows any other razor I have away. Every time I come back to it I wonder why I rotated it out.
if it was me (and its not :a9:) I would go with the Progress. my reasoning is that, although they are difference razors, I find that the slim and FatBoy are too similar. plus I have been wanting a progress for a while, but just can't pull together the scratch for it LOL.

in the end......ask for both!
IMHO, the Slim is better than the Fatboy, although there's not much difference. I just find the Slim a bit more maneuverable.

The Progress, is by far, better than Slims and Fatboys IMO/IME. I have the long handle version, and the weight is perfect, the balance is perfect and the shaves are perfect. Really, the Progress is an awesome razor. Extremely smooth and efficient.
What's equivalent to a 7 on a slim... since progress doesn't go as high?
The Progress doesn't go as high but that doesn't really matter.

Its highest setting is more aggressive than Slims and Fatboys set to 9.

A 7 on a Slim is probably like a 3.5 on a Progress.
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The Fatboy and slim are very comparable IMO but I do concur with Edgar, the slim is much more maneuverable. The heads on the slims have more of a "low-profile." As far as gaps go, they are the same, according to the specs on the site...unless you over clock it or set a custom gap:yesnod:
should have opted for a better pic, but hopefully you can see it well enough. the progress only has 5 numbers on the knob, but it doesnt have only 5 settings. the picture is of my newer progress and is with it set to 9, or 4 settings past 5. i think you can tell that it is noticeably more aggressive than a gillette adjustable at the same setting. the progress is pretty much what i use everyday and since ive gotten an older vintage one, ive been loving every shave so far. they truly are great razors. you can get virtually any shave you want because instead of a gillette adjustable that only goes up in increments the progress can be adjusted anywhere you want. with just the tiniest turn of the knob your actually increasing or decreasing the blade gap, and can be done so by the thousandths of an inch. i use mine on a 2 or 1.5 and turn it way down for the upper lip. i leave my bathroom a happy gent every evening.

If you already have a Slim then I definitely recommend a Progress. They are well built and fantastic shavers...

As others have said, while there is certainly some difference between Slims and Fatboys there is not a BIG difference. A Progress will truly be something new for you :)
I would also recommend a Progress. I have the Mergress, technically, and it is one of my two favorite razors. I really love it.
As with most others here I feel that the Slim and Fatboy are pretty close to the same thing. So if you are looking for something that shaves like your slim with a little more wieght and a little more bulk than go with the Fatboy. I personaly have all three and would never put down the Fatboy, you should definitly at least try one if not own one at some time. But if your looking for something with the same atributes but differant than go with the Progress, especialy if you are looking for something that can get more aggresive
I'm personally not a fan of razors that are made of pot metal, so I would go for the Fatboy. Whatever you ultimately decide on, I wish you luck and many happy shaves!
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