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Choosing a Gillette Tech?

I’m thinking of acquiring a Gillette Tech razor. Is there anything I should know to help me choose? Are some years better than others? I just need a few pointers so ill be aware of what I’m buying.
The ones with the triangular lather slots in the base plate are pre WW2 and more highly regarded I believe. The later ones have rectangular slots and are not as highly prized. I could be very wrong here 👍
Supposedly the pre-war ones with the triangular lather slots in the base plate are a bit more "aggressive," whatever that might mean for you, than the post-wars with the rectangular slots. The other item that might matter, as it does to me, is the thickness of the handle: I like fat-handled razors and find them easier to work with. My post-war Tech is fat-handled and gold.

I'm thinking of acquiring another Tech for use on trips (if I ever get to take one again), and a Bakelite handle looks very nice.

From what I've read here, and from my experience with my own Tech, you cannot go wrong with one.
I would suggest you decide if you want a fat handle or thin handle. The fat handles looked more appealing at first and are comfortable in the hand, but the newer thin handle techs are a little heavier, which I much prefer the heft to the thicker handle.

I think they are easy to put aside early on because they shave well and are mild, but when you come back to them after a while with better technique, you feel a little foolish for having abandoned it previously. They will give an awesome shave.

I have had about a half dozen come to me buying Vintage shaving lots on eBay. I put them in my ultrasonic and wow! Some that look near hopeless emerge as flawless. I have found I do not like the gold ones because they are not really going to return to a close to original state. I have a couple of silver colored plated ones that are just awesome. Right now I have kept two later model thin handle techs one silver or nickel plated and one gold. I also have one decent fat handle gold. The rest were given away to friends curiosity about DE shaving.


Thanks a Rusty. The fat handles didn't appeal to me aesthetically right off the bat. some say Gillette on the top of the cap. Some older, some newer. What’s with that?
Somehow, the open combs look almost prehistoric. I have a few open combs. Not really a necessary feature for my general shaving needs.
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Is the quality and thickness of the metals in the head the same for all of them?
According to the Tech wiki, models after 1962 have zamak heads. Note that this refers to the Gillette for the zamak heads being embossed, not etched. An etched Gillette does not indicate zamak. I think I read somewhere that here might be some WWII Techs with zamak heads.
That looks like an embossed zamak head to me, but I'm not an expert.

I've actually been thinking about returning to my Tech, at least for a while. Zamak is not necessarily bad. I've recently been using a modern three-piece razor with a Zamak head and it's fine.
Triangular slots are prewar but I don’t think they shave better. To me the triangular Tech is almost imperceptible as it shaves. I end up w a two pass BBS without any sensation of cutting. My post war ball handle has more feel. I go back and forth on the fat versus ball handle. I can grip the fat handle more securely but I like the nimbleness of the ball handle. Both produce BBS everytime with good technique. BTW there are no alignment issues w a Tech. The blade is engaged at 5 different points for absolutely perfect alignment everytime. It is the best 3 piece razor ever made and has been duplicated but not improved by a score of manufacturers. I argue it’s the best DE razor ever. The epitome of design, it could not be improved, and Gillette’s marketing division moved the company into TTO, adjustability, and ultimately multi blade cartridge shaving to maintain profitability. The Tech is mild, true, but good technique and sharper blades will allow it to handle any beard. If you could have only one razor a pre 1962 Tech would be an excellent choice
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