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Chiseled Face

Hey all, just wondering who has some chiseled face soaps in their lineup and what they think of them? I just read a bunch of descriptions on their website and some of their scents sound irresistible.

The problem is, I have so much soap (mostly Stirling with a couple from PAA) that I don't NEED to buy anymore...but at the same time, I do. ;)
I have a full size tub each of Ghost Town Barber and Sherlock. I used up a Sample of Cedar and Spice and also Santa Paula. I have a sample of Pine Tar that I'll be using in a couple of weeks.

Although scents are purely subjective, I can say that I enjoy each of the scents listed above with GTB being my favorite closely followed by Sherlock with Santa Paula very close in third.

Performance is considerably less subjective. I would rank Chiseled Face soaps among the better artisanal soaps available on the market today. Easy loading, great lather and slickness. And the post shave is quite nice too. I've read that the Pine Tar has an even better post shave than the other offerings, but I haven't tried it yet so I can't comment firsthand. If I ever run out of any of my tubs of CFG soap, I'd have to buy another full tub.


I just ordered a tub of Tradewind so I'll let you know soon.

You need more soap. I promise.
Performance is good. I think that in a Stirling vs CFG contest of post-shave Stirling wins by a small margin. Probably something to do with lanolin! The tub it comes in is huge, so no problem loading. I actually wish it was a smaller tub. 8 oz for a 4 oz soap is a bit overkill. Scent-wise, I only have "Trade." It's pretty much what I expected: smells like you're out sailing on the ocean and a light breeze is blowing. (note: I'm not much of a sailor, so even though I'm in FL I can't vouch for the authenticity of the scent) This is not a bay rum. It's mild to my nose and fairly straightforward.

Would I buy it again? Probably not. At this price point there's plenty of other scents that I need to try, and I fully expect this scent to get left behind in the scramble. That said, I do not regret getting it and the odds of me picking up another CFG soap at some point are good. I don't rank the odds better because I prefer harder soaps; this is downright mushy and resists drying out. Yes, I realize that this may actually be a bonus for many of you!
I like Chieseled face soaps a lot. There's nothing like the menthol blast of Cryogen! Cedar & Spice, Tradewinds, and Summer Storm all smell great but as mentioned, scents are subjective. I agree that the performance is above average for artisan soaps. They're no doubt my favorite soft soaps so far.
Chiseled Face soaps are just excellent products, great lather, excellent feel post shave and scents are great. On a side note their aftershaves are excellent in carrying a scent longer if you like it. Ghost Town Barber is my fav, I also own Tradewinds, Santa Paula and when I'm feeling dark and daring I will whip out the Midnight Stag (it is not for the faint of heart and the description on his site is spot on!).
Chiseled face make great soaps, as good as any I have tried. I have a full size Pine Tar and samples of Cryogen and Midnight Stag. Im not entirely sure I would buy a full size Midnight Stag, its very "out there" but I cant knock the performance of any of those 3.

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I got a sampler of each type from my daughter. Santa Paula is my favorite so I got a sample of the AS too. Being that used to live within walking distance to Rancho Cucamonga (that being his town) I had to give it a shot. Glad I did and will definitely be getting a few more full size tubs.
I have Midnight Stag and Summer Storm. I actually like and prefer some of the more out of the ordinary scents. If you don't like strongly scented soaps, Chiseled Face probably isn't for you.
I love Chiseled Face - and like you I did not need them. But glad I have them. Although they have no lanolin, the post shave is top notch. Really great shave soaps. In terms of scents - they're all a little weird and not that compelling (with the exception of "summer storm which literally smells like cool rain). However the performance is so good it doesn't matter to me. I'd recommend getting the samples or maybe one tub (maybe ghost town barber which is a bit like PAA tombstone) and then go from there to make your own

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Good stuff!
I have Summer Storm and a sample of Sherlock, both of which are earthy.
Scents out of the tub are quite a bit different than when lathered on these.
Which scents are you interested in?
I have or had every one of CFG's soaps and I've enjoyed them all. Ghost town barber really is a must have unique scent, most others are good but open to individual preference (GTB is a must have)

Performance wise it is a great soap worth having. I will say that I think it falls short for straight razor shaving (Stirling is far better in this category). Many of the guys who have reported their opinion in the journal section have said the same thing "it has a narrow water band which limits how much water (and slickness) you can put into it".
Definitely worth having some but I don't use it often.
I have Santa Paula Citrus and Summer Storm. The Santa Paula Citrus name is pretty descriptive of the scent but it has a unique bitter "green" note that I attribute to the pettigrain (leaves of the Bitter Orange Tree. Neroli comes from the flowers and Begamot from the fruit.) that I really like. Summer Storm is a fantastic petrichor scent with a nice hit of menthol in the A/S. Both are great in the performance department. Rhinoceros is on the way!
I am a big fan of CF soaps. My favorite, by far, is Ghost Town Barber. Sherlock is also nice. I own a scent of Trade Winds, but it is too plain smelling to me. I wouldn't buy a full tub of that scent. I don't think I would ever buy Midnight Stag. To me, the scent is just awful.

I find the post shave to be excellent as well. Aside from performance, I love that CF has unique scents. That is a big draw for me.
Love CF soaps. I currently have Midnight Stag, Summer Storm, and Tradewinds. Shave quality is great, after shave feel is nice, and I like the oversized tubs.

Looking at my tubs, I would say that Midnight Stag is my favorite (absolutely love this scent) followed by Summer Storm and Tradewinds. I will use Tradewinds more in the summer as it has a nice clean scent that fits hot days here in the semi arid steppe.
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