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chiseled face soaps, worth buying?

For those that have used these soaps, how are they as performers? They seem to have rather unique scents and I was looking at the different scents they offer and none of them appeal to me besides maybe bay rum and their cryogen which is supposed to be a high mentholated soap. give me your thoughts on these soaps as performers and their scents.
I have Ghost Town Barber and I like it quite a bit. Easy to lather, and the actual performance is roughly what I expect from soap at its price point. Scent is always subjective but I really like this take on a 'barbershop' style. I used it this morning in fact and had a very enjoyable shave. It will definitely be replaced when it is used up.

I've also had a sample of the Santa Paula and it is interesting. Kind of a bitter orange and earthy scent which kind of grew on me but I haven't quite decided to go all in and buy a tub.

Their samples are like $2 so you might want to grab a few.
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Chiseled Face is my Go To soap! I have soaps from many of the artisans you read about, but I like CF the best!

1. Easy to Lather (Only been at the wet shaving game 2.5 years), I can't seem to screw it up.

2. Scents - I love the scents! I LOVE Ghost Town Barber, Guy Noir, Summer Storm and Gemütlichkeit. I also use Bay Rum & Cinnawood Boroka on a regular basis. I purchased the CF Sampler set and found that I liked most of the scents there. Midnight Stag and Pine Tar have even grown on me. Easy St. is probably my least favorite.

All of the soaps seem to perform the same for me. All of my soaps come from the Tallow base. I haven't tried the Silk base.
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I have only used Ghost Town Barber and really like it. Very easy to lather regardless of the type of brush that is used. The scent is a very nice take of a barbershop scent. Slick lather and great glide when shaving.

I want to try their Bay Rum next since I'm a big Bay Rum fan.
I also have Sherlock, and I also quite like it. As Enclave said, I'm not sure it's for everyone. As for how the soap performs... I'll say it's one of the better performing Soaps that I've used. If you want a Santa beard of shaving foam go sparing with the water. I SR shave so I need a thinner slick lather, and it works well for me. Ghost Town Barber gets really good reviews.
C.F. is a top tier soap IMO. Top-notch quality artisan soap. You can't go wrong buying it. I have 6 or 7, and enjoy G.T.B. and Sherlock. Good stuff man!
I have used their cryogen soap before. Its a great performer, but be warned..they aren't kidding about the menthol level. It's eye watering high.
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